In a world that often glorifies the hustle, midlife women stand at a crossroads – 

Do the work to transcend the burnout-inducing “do more, be more” culture? 

Escape “well I have done this for this long” ennui? 

Answer the tap on the shoulder telling you there is something more for you to do than “this”? 

Or, don’t do anything different at all. 

Choose Better For You.

Choose Personal Success Coaching to Help.

What if success isn't found in the relentless grind?

What if “success” is about feeling the way you truly want to feel while doing the things you truly want to do and making some kind of footprint along the way that you are proud of?

Everything is a choice. Do you choose to change or stick with status quo?

Redefining what success even means and throwing the rules out the window is a rebellion against burnout. It is a personal rebellion that requires a close look at thoughts, behaviours and patterns that no longer serve you. Choosing to make meaningful change may sound hard and scary. But it is a choice. And doing nothing is also a choice. Why not choose the truest you?

What Does Personal Success Coaching Help You Achieve?

Personal happiness yields business growth:

It is a fact for women that there is no distinction between who we are as business owners and who we are as human beings in other aspects of our lives. In fact, each enhance the other. While our private personal selves are sacred, to be shared how you wish (or not wish), your persona and ‘vibe’ is your biggest asset. And when you feel joy, live as close as possible to your authentic self, and feel like you have purpose and focus, you are magnetic!

Less hustle, more flow:

I believe in a life that flows, not one that forces. Tuning into what success truly means to you should enhance your life, not compromise it. I will guide you to find that sweet spot where your ambitions meet ease. We will face the things holding you back and work through what to release to make room for what serves you better.

Leverage, then legacy:

I want to help you leverage the crap out of everything good you have and want in your life! Then, I am interested in you building a legacy that leaves a meaningful mark. It’s not just about what you gain; it’s about what you give.

Personalized not prescriptive:

No two success stories are identical. My coaching is not a one-size-fits-all prescription. It’s a tailored journey that aligns with your aspirations, values, and vision of success. While I offer systems, cheat sheets, workbooks and more to guide you ­– the true work comes from you internalizing the work and making your output uniquely yours, just like you. Group work and personal coaching both provide the nurturing to tailor to you.

Truly, deeply transformative work:

I recognize the weariness and worry that midlife can bring GenX women in both personal and business life. I recognize the limitations of being the sandwich generation. But I also am deeply aware that life in your 40s and 50s can have a very short or long trajectory. In both cases, we must honor that every day is a gift and longevity is a goal. And what you choose to do with YOUR time is essential now more than ever.

Curating small shifts consistently:

While we tend to feel a yearning for big life changes, the fact is, small changes performed consistently over time yield the best results with the greatest ease. Certainly, you can pull the rug out from under your whole life and start over. But most of us need a gentler approach. I offer a direct, no bullshit approach with a calm, empathetic practice focused on small changes for big gains. This allows you comfort in the short term and more likelihood of truly transformative improvements in your life and business in the long term.

Do You Have the Audacity to Be Truly Happy?

This is your invitation to finally star the journey! As your Personal Success Coach, I am going to help you make bold, brave steps to prioritize what matters and redefine success on your terms.

If you have the audacity to be bold and brave, you can begin reshaping your life in just 3 months!

I am a well-known curator of workshop style programs that get you to work fast with clear, tangible outcomes. The Audacity is the best of my best – loaded with advice, tips and tools; a comforting, direct approach that is both intensively instructive and deeply empathetic; flexible content and course work that grows with you and fits you no matter when you start or where you are at.

Through a carefully curated, nothing-else-quite-like-this exists coaching program, I am bringing to you a tactical, hands-on transformative process that:

  1. Reassesses and relieves you of pressure around ideas, things, even people that no longer serves you.
  2. Redefines what success even looks like for you and stakes this as your guiding light
  3. Reshapes your personal brand through self-reflection and oodles of tools to convert who you think you are into a presence you are proud of
  4. Redesigns your living legacy by determining what impacts you want to make and crafting this legacy into tangible pieces you can share
  5. Reclaims how to sell yourself through marketing insights, facing common challenges like imposter syndrome, and setting the stage to succeed.

Other Coaching Programs Are a Year. Why 3 Months?

Look, facts up front, you will be invited to participate for more than 3 months. But I believe some change is possibly quickly and I don’t want to give you an excuse to not do the work if you choose to invest. So, I’ve thoughtfully designed a program that gets you bang for your buck as fast as possible, with the opportunity to continue the work together if you choose.

So why 3 months to start? I’ve been fortunate to work with a client for over 6 years who is an expert in what is called Agile methodologies. The cornerstone of this work is fast iterations. It aligns with my own marketing philosophy of try, test, evaluate, repeat. The shorter your timeline, the sooner you can see results when you have a specific methodology to weekly work so you can practice, apply, repeat week over week.

The Audacity coaching program is designed to help you see results by doing your own work, with me and with the group, as soon as possible. And then continue. Or start over. Not everything sticks in 3 months. But the choice will be yours. It’s always yours.

3 months is an appropriate amount of time to make a substantial start to significant change. It only takes a few steps.

Through a carefully curated, nothing-else-quite-like-this exists coaching program, I am bringing to you a tactical, hands-on transformative process that:

How Audacious Are You? Choose Your Plan

The Audacity – Be Brave Plan

12-Week Group Program
$ Coming Soon
  • 9 Live Zoom workshop style trainings nearly every week (and recordings).
  • 12 weeks of course work and lessons in your inbox.
  • Exclusive access to The Audacity community hub on Facebook.
  • Guest experts and contributors on Zoom.
  • Bonus Facebook Live pop-up sessions.
  • Bonus Facebook Live pop-up sessions.

The Audacity – Be Bold Plan

12-Week Group + Personal Coaching Program
$ Coming Soon
  • Limited to only 6 seats!
  • 1 2-hour intensive coaching session
  • 9 45-minute laser coaching sessions
  • 12 weeks of course work and lessons in your inbox.
  • Exclusive access to The Audacity community hub on Facebook.
  • Guest experts and contributors on Zoom.
  • Bonus Facebook Live pop-up sessions.
Only 6 Seats!

Have the Audacity to Build What You Truly Want!

Meet Your Coach: Kim Page

Leap on Board!
The Audacity train has left the station and I want you along for the ride.

With over 30 years of navigating the intricacies of business growth and a personal success journey marked by resilience, I am not just a coach; I am a sister survivor. I’ve been through two car accidents, a stroke, and a marital separation. I’ve allowed myself to live within the societal norms and expectations of GenX women who were given the opportunity to do anything… so we fucking did everything! I’ve been in the trenches, faced setbacks, and emerged better, clearer and stronger.

My mission is to guide you from the clutches of hustle to the sanctuary of your personal triumph. And what I know you need to do, because I needed to do it too, is strip back the façade and release the things that take up time and energy and heart and soul that do not work for you. And at the same time carefully curate and add back in what does work for you… that brings you joy and brings you success, on your terms.

I have 30 years marketing expertise for small business, technology, and innovative organizations. I have 17 years entrepreneurial experience providing consulting, mentorship, and coaching to women owning businesses.I am well-known for providing extremely results-oriented, workshop style mastermind groups and programs with a calm and kind but no fluff, buzz word or bullshit approach. And now I’m combining all my skills, knowledge and expertise into a program that I care very deeply about.

I am interested in breaking generational trauma, stigma around GenX women, and apathy about our roles in midlife. And I am doing it through my business…and yours. If you have the audacity to be brave and bold with me.

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