Grit. Growth. Good Vibes.

Welcome! I’m Kim Page.

And this is Truth & Tonic Studios!

This virtual studio is my hub as a professional marketing and brand consultant, personal success coach, acrylic artist, and champion of Gen X women.

Truth & Tonic are my values. Honesty, integrity, experience, and ethical principles underpin all my work with you. And I believe work is meant to be fun! Joy is the elixir that sparks inspiration, creativity, and expression.

I’m thrilled you are here.

Marketing & Brand Consulting

A 30+ year senior communications professional with skills, passion, and reputation for helping businesses of every size grow.

Original Acrylic Art

A joy-infused artist, Kim paints abstract florals bursting with vibrant colour, evoking happiness through art.

Gen Xo Community

Kim founded Gen Xo Community to unite and empower Gen X women, fostering connection, support, and growth through shared experiences.

Personal Success Coaching

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