You are indeed brave and bold! Welcome to The Audacity personal success coaching program. As you soon as you take this official first step towards your brave and bold journey, we will get started! I will send you a form to complete to get me caught up! And we will book all of your sessions in the calendar right away too… including your 2-hour kickstart session. I cannot wait! 

My intention is to be fully committed to you and your success! I would like you to be as committed to yourself as I am to you. For this reason, up front and honest communication is critical. 

I’m excited to be audacious with you! Let’s do this! Choose the payment option that works best for you! 

Message me at 403-479-9669 if you have any troubles with the Paypal gateway. 

You may etransfer to or pay by credit card at the links below. 

Pay in Full Now

When you pay in full, you save a few pennies! (Payment plan has a$50 surcharge). Register now with this option and we will get started right away!

Start Payment Plan Now

With this option, you provide a $500 deposit to get started! Then the balance plus a $50 surcharge is split over months 1 and 2. Register now with this option and we will get started right away!

Refund policy: Everyone needs to know what the deal is with refunds. Of course, my aim is for you to be completely satisfied! In order to commit to change in this process. When you financially commit to this 90-day program, you are fully committing to yourself. And I am committing to you. Audacious commitment. 

However, if you feel after our first 2-hour session this program is not for you, a refund less $500 deposit may be considered (or we will cancel your plan if you chose the payment plan). BUT, in order to request and receive a refund you must have completely committed and completed the work in full to that point. This will include: all preparation before your first session, showing up to the first 2-hour session fully prepared and open to discuss, and then completing any and all homework/ action items from the 2-hour session within a 2 week window. Then, and only then, if this is all completed in full and we agree this program is not a fit for you, you will be provided the refund of your course program less $500 payment (if paid in full) or your program will be cancelled. $500 retainer will be kept for the initial investment in all scenarios. 

Let’s do this! This commitment is for both of us. Because we are both all in for your success. 

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