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Whether one on one with a client, in a small group lesson or while delivering a workshop or keynote to a large audience, Kim is known for cutting through the bull, with a kind guiding hand, and getting to the heart of the matter. And in the case of small business entrepreneurs, the heart of their business is usually very personal. Kim gets that and knows how to extract the personal and help craft that passion into the language and attitude that is the cornerstone of a unique business brand.

Honouring that most solo-entrepreneurs start businesses from a very personal, passionate pursuit to fulfill a dream, she has infused her marketing knowledge gained from her 16 year marketing career, with a commitment to enhancing passion for business with a foundational marketing knowledge that is critical for affordable business growth at an appropriate pace. Kim’s passion is creating opportunities for people to learn exceptional MODERN marketing strategies that are proven to work, but not trendy for the sake of it. She teaches and consults so that others can create success… no matter how limited their resources.

“Kim is incredibly knowledgable in the field of marketing and keeps her finger on the pulse of what is going on in businesses today – not yesterday, or last week, today! She is very personable and relates to her audience well during her presentations. Kim knows what works for business, what doesn’t and how to wisely invest time and money to make your business succeed.” Nicholas Burman, Media Designer

Her mission is to get women small business owner, in particular, to stop spending money unnecessarily and learn the cost-effective, simple strategies to succeed in business and be happy and confident in their choices.

Word of mouth marketing, connecting and building communities have long been the staples of budget-poor, passion-rich organizations. In the modern marketing era, finding a personalized business voice and showcasing it on a blog, in social marketing statuses, in real life conversation, in a  book or anywhere you interact with customers is a golden opportunity. While Kim is rehearsed in traditional marketing methods and knowledge, adapting tried and true word of mouth marketing strategies to online and in real life settings is seriously fun for her to create for her own business and teach for others.

Not only is Kim exceptionally knowledgeable as a generalist of traditional and online marketing strategies, she is an expert in helping calm the chaos caused by having too many ideas and an abundance of passion. She helps allay the fears of lack of knowledge and inspires action through her marketing mapping processes and action-oriented tasking of her clients and class audiences. Creating a structured plan out of communication chaos, building exceptional personal brands and pursuing a long-term vision with short-term steps is her gift.

“Kim is amazing with helping businesses in their marketing efforts. She comes up with fabulous marketing strategies and has a great knowledge; specifically with social media marketing and community building. Kim surrounds herself with top influencers to continue to learn and pass on her knowledge to others. I would highly recommend Kim!” Sheri Bruneau, Coaching & Consulting, Get It Together Inc.

Kim has been applauded for her honesty, insight and passion for leading others into creating exceptional businesses themselves. Read her LinkedIn recommendations for feedback from those who have worked with her in a corporate capacity, as a small business client or through workshops or classes.

Prior to shifting her focus to helping women with small businesses, Kim spent 16 years honing her small business know-how:

  • Kim spent her first 7 career years living the agency life – hitting the ground hard, all hands-on-deck at a super successful underdog Edmonton advertising agency. She helped her clients meet their goals on tight budgets and timelines, while also helping the agency increase business by 700% in her time with the company.
  • Feeling a little burn out in her mid-20s after a rapid rise to success in the crazy world of advertising agency battles (think living in the Dragon’s Den!), and massive marketing growth, she began a career into “client-side” marketing that was exhilerating. Other than a small stint in radio sales, Kim’s most meaningful marketing career years were spent as the “one woman marketing show” at several small technology start-ups in Calgary & Edmonton:
    • She lead extremely challenging marketing tasks helping establish one company’s brand strong enough and fast enough to be bought out prior to her own layoff (in fact, she volunteered after her layoff to see the purchase of the product through!)
    • She helped a small Calgary start-up build a brand big enough to matter in the eyes of a San Francisco Bay Area major technology company, earning the Calgary company a lucrative buy out.

“Kim was someone that always brought contagious enthusiasm to work each and every day, and continues to do so in all that she’s involved with . She continually challenged the organization and delivered in a fast paced environment at the time. She led the marketing efforts and collaborated with internal stakeholders as she grew the organizations marketing efforts both from a corporate and product perspective. Kim demanded a high standard and instilled a level of energy and passion in her work. She was a team player and a pleasure to work with.” Terry Sydoryk, Founder/ VP Marketing & Product Development, AudeSi Technologies

  • After more than a decade in extremely exciting jobs, and ready to start planning a family, Kim thought it was time to try a corporate career for awhile. But never far from excitement and change, Kim lead communications efforts throughout Alberta and British Columbia for not one but TWO corporate brand changes for a major electric utility, engaging with millions of customers through various marketing methods on tiny budgets.
  • Kim’s final evolution before MPowered Marketing involved more technology start-up excitement as an employee and then strategic advisor, both in Canada and for a U.S.-based company.

Kim is not only part-time woman entrepreneur and supporter of those just like her, she is also:

  • wife to work-at-home software developer & motorcycle enthusiast Jaydel
  • mom to three spunky young gymnastics loving girls (Eva-9, Sophia-6, Laila-4)
  • golf lover
  • blogger
  • mocha and mojito fan, but not yet at the same time
  • city girl who loved growing up in rural Alberta
  • dreaming of west coast living
  • francophile
  • art lover
  • mural painter and photographer (once as career ideas, now as rare hobbies)
  • consistently in pursuit of what is right and good in the world

A full resume can be made available. But I’d rather tell you my stories… they are much more entertaining, unbelievable and full of teachable moments out loud than on paper! My marketing events, classes, and speaking engagements are ripe with interesting ‘real world’ success stories that are sure to entertain.