Hi! I'm Kim Page.
Marketing & Brand Consultant
Personal Success Coach

With over three decades of senior-level expertise, I am a seasoned professional with an unparalleled blend of skills, passion, and a sterling reputation for fostering business and personal growth. As a skilled curator of brand culture, I have consistently woven a tapestry that incorporates reputation, maximized opportunities for growth and profit, and engineered results-focused marketing, communications, and sales programs.

I am known to be a go-getter and speedy strategic thinker, adept at swiftly grasping challenges, distilling information, and thoughtfully connecting dots to chart the best pathways to desired results.

I am also accomplished with consultative and social selling strategies that have been instrumental for numerous clients. I am able to leverage innate sales skills to nurture relationships both in person and online, resulting in increased revenue and impressive outcomes. And nobody feels shiny from oily sales sweat after! Customer service and customer care is the only good approach to marketing and sales.

An entrepreneur at heart, I hold an unwavering drive to take initiative and find innovative solutions. I showcase this spirit in consulting work, mentorship, and throughout my employment history. Community building and curating relationships have been integral to my approach, leveraging online and in-person connectivity since the inception of social media to enhance word-of-mouth marketing, sales opportunities, reputation building, and goodwill.

As an experienced professional with many years under my belt, I have become a skilled agile thinker, naturally adaptive to challenges, modeling a mindset of possibility and optimism, and demonstrating the flexibility to find new paths when needed. I try to be a dynamic force of fun and good in the world of business and strategy.

Beyond professional life, I seek activities that fuel my joy! As a new artist, I paint acrylic abstract florals which are for sale here.  I have been known to be on the water on a paddleboard attempting to stand up, camping attempting to raise a pop up rooftop tent, and golfing attempting to break 100. I also throw on some gloves for a midlife Muay Thai class a few times a week. Life is about the journey! 

No matter what I am doing, my personal interests blend with my professional ethos – Truth & Tonic – sharing the clearest, most helpful advice, with ethics and integrity, while also sharing a zest for all the analytical and artistic facets of life.

I am that person that found one career path and stuck to it. After 3 decades we can stop counting right? And, Truth & Tonic has been my hub of self-employment, mentorship, and sharing for almost 17 years! I am immensely grateful for the opportunities to connect with so many wonderful people over the past few decades. I look forward to much more!

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