THE GRIT TO GROW — Do you have it?


Designed to get in touch with your core motivation for being in business fast, and drive decisions to support that with rapid fire attention to what matters most, within the resources you have.


This 1-2 hour session is for existing clients, those who have typically shared an Invigorator session with Kim already, who wants a little extra insight every once in awhile to help stay true to goals on the course of success.


If you are on a rapid learning curve or in a tough growth period, and you would give anything for dedicated marketing support, then the Advocator plan is for you!


If you have a large project that needs a bit of intensive hands-on or strategic support, Kim will meet with you customize a project plan and quote.

Illuminator MasterMind

If you want a mastermind group that gives you clear navigation through the marketing and business mud, and accountability to reach your business goals, week by week, in a small group of likeminded small business women, this 11-week program is perfect for you!

We laugh. A whole lot. We cry a bit too. Because it gets real and raw fast… and that’s awesome. Because we can create the best success plans around reality! Together.

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I was feeling very stuck in my business, and desperately needed to “refresh” my brand. This session allowed me to see the good stuff I currently have going in my biz, while sparking ideas for new opportunities going forward. The best part? I have a comprehensive printed document that I can refer back to again and again. Invaluable!
Sylvia D., Niche Inc.
As a solopreneur when you run out of your own ideas you can save a lot of time by opening up to someone else’s perspective. I didn’t want a coach, I wanted a plan. I loved how quickly I went from inaction to action with Kim’s help. The short and sweetness of time and money well spent for great impact and direction!
Kirsten W., BloomScript