Your Customers & Clients are Mobile…are YOU?

This is a guest post from Pam Lehr, Go Mobile Media Marketing, sharing what mobile marketing is, some crazy statistics and the benefits of catching up with the “mobile” trend now if you are a small business owner!

Pam says:

I am honoured to be a guest expert at one of Kim’s Blog for Business Retreats. My style is interactive and I believe a picture is worth a thousand words so if you are joining us, bring your cellphones so that you can text, scan QR codes and view mobile optimized websites while we discuss together its importance. I have some great bonuses and prizes that you will receive just for attending this event! (Kim says: thanks Pam!)

I am sure all of you know that mobile is everywhere and whether we like it or not, it is here to stay. Your customers/clients are already accessing your business in the mobile environment whether you are proactively reaching out with mobile marketing or not so you should be doing what you can to capitalize on it. Your business will need to embrace the technology to maintain a competitive advantage.

What’s so special about mobile – the newest mass media

Mobile is the first and only media that is always on. Messages, news and promotions are delivered instantly and can be accessed 24/7 by your customers/clients.

Did you know these crazy mobile statistics?

  • There are more cellphone subscribers than people who own toothbrushes!
  • Smartphone penetration has risen to over 50% and growing daily.
  • 66% access the internet everyday on their smartphones.
  • The number of cellphone subscriptions has reached over 6 billion and this is equivalent to 87% of the world’s population!
  • Only 35% of the global population uses the internet.

As a business owner, would you rather target your marketing to 2.3 billion using the internet or 6 billion using cellphones?

Mobile Marketing Engages, Informs, Sells in Your Consumers Space

Mobile marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that allows communication with customers/clients direct to their mobile phone. Businesses that make “mobile” an integral part of their marketing strategy will benefit from the opportunity to engage the 24/7 connected customer/client.

We all know the power of engagement in Social Media. At Go Mobile Media Marketing our current clients have received up to 53% engagement using mobile marketing!

9 mobile marketing strategies:

  • text message marketing/SMS marketing- this is essentially the same as email marketing and allows you to deliver a targeted message in a simple, instant and relevant manner. You must be very focused on your message with 99 characters.
  • mobile formatted emails
  • mobile coupons
  • mobile videos- are your videos viewable on a mobile device?
  • vCards (mobile business cards); this gives you the ability to include all your contact information including photo, click to call, click to email, Social Media links and download directly into your phone rather than the tedious task of typing into your phone where the chance of error is greater. It is very difficult to include all your information on a business card due to its size, however, a qr code with all your information is perfect.
  • QR codes (Quick Response Codes); the most misused marketing tool which has the ability to be one of the most powerful and inexpensive tools, if used correctly. For the first time, with the use of QR codes, print material becomes an interactive experience bridging offline with online. In the workshop I’ll share the #1 mistake being made with QR code implementation.
  • mobile landing pages
  • mobile websites- desktop websites were not designed from smartphones and without mobile optimizing your website, users are becoming frustrated. This is about click to call, thumb friendly, and quick and easy access to relevant information without pinching and zooming will ensure a pleasant consumer experience.
  • mobile apps – this is a very specific strategy and no, not everyone should have one, in spite of what other experts might say!

What questions do you have about mobile marketing? Post them below and we’ll chat! Or contact Pam directly.

Pam Lehr is CEO and Founder of Go Mobile Media Marketing: She helps local small businesses get found on the internet where consumers are looking. The most exciting new marketing trend is Mobile Marketing which is Simple, Instant and Effective! Pam looks forward to sharing leading solutions – mobile marketing solutions – with our blog for business friends!

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