Yeah, so the wheel fell off (but not for long)

So I’ve discovered about myself lately, that when things get tough, the tough (aka me) get going. But only for a little while. Because I confess, I’m feeling a bit vulnerable to life’s unexpected twists and turns at the moment.

And as a part-time entrepreneur devoted to helping your success, as new part time Director – Communications at Calgary not-for-profit Calgary Reads, and as full time mom and full time wife – I guess I’ll acknowledge, it is just FINE for me to not be on top of the world or on top of my pile of things to do all the time!

If you know me, or follow me, you may pick up that it is not ME or our three kids who are actually in flux, but my good husband who has had the career rug pulled out from under him. And I know you and/or your partner have been there too… doing the best you can when life hands you lemons!

This post is dedicated to EVERYONE. And by that, I do mean YOU, because I know I am not the first woman to have to face “lifeus interruptus”. That is, loss of control. Egads! Not that! (I’m not the only Type A-er out there… don’t pretend you don’t have a bit of control-freaky tendencies).

This post is a big virtual hug (because the truth is when you hug someone, you get hugs back). I’m not a big ol’ touchy feely kind of gal, but in the end, we all need love. So I’m giving, so I can get. And soon, when I feel a bit better and life is back to the “new normal” (I don’t know what that means yet), I’ll be back to my self… pumping out blog after blog after blog and class after class after class of great marketing content.

In fact, I have a really fabulous article on my mind right now all about BRANDING ON THE CHEAP. Don’t miss it. I’m aiming for sometime in the next 2 days to unveil how to create a ‘big brand’ visual identity for the least amount of money.

In the meantime, I’m reflecting on my 7 Essential Resources of Part Time Entrepreneurs lessons. I teach that we have 7 resources, and time and money are often the least of what we have. In fact, I also am lacking the effort I normally can make. But I still have passion. And I’m using the time I have to help my existing clients. (Love having this formula to help focus).

Before I go, a word to be careful what you say. Recently I’ve found myself saying stuff like “things are so crazy I feel like the wheels are falling off.” Then, on the return from a long overdue, much needed, lovely family day to the mountains… we ended up pulled over on the side of the road when our vehicle starting shimmying so bad we couldn’t drive! Guess what… the wheel was falling off.

Coincidence or wake up call? Doesn’t matter. Let’s take a deep breath, know it’ll all work out great, and get back to work!

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