Let me become your partner and part-time CMO! Your right hand gal and the person you can bounce ideas off of as you need to.

What’s a CMO? Well, it’s a Chief Marketing Officer. Every business needs one! A Chief Marketing Officer cares about the business like you do – and thinks about your business as often!

My hope is that one day you will be confident enough to make amazing marketing decisions as the CMO in your own company, but the truth is, there is lots to learn and not much time. So while you are busy building your business using your talents, I would love to offer you mine, as a temporary CMO to keep you growing faster and with more sass and savvy. Sound good?

As Your CMO-On-Call, What Can I Do For You?

  • Accountability: Keep you accountable to your goals and plans and marketing maps and everything else you have started – a firm hand with tough love.
  • Strategic Advice: from brand building strategy to how to of social marketing, traditional marketing, email campaigns, blogging, retail strategies, partnerships and joint ventures, speaking and book opportunities, new product or service ideas, pricing strategies, promotion strategies, event and tradeshow ideas
  • Catalyst: when you have a problem or goal but feel at a loss for how to move forward, I can ask you the right questions or provide the right conversation to guide you quickly to the next step.
  • Connection & Community: When I know your business well, I am armed to do what I do best … connect you with the ideas and people you need to know to grow, by sharing you with my vast community and making introductions.
  • Troubleshooting: sometimes we find ourselves disappointed with a decision we made or in a pickle with another service provider, sometimes we are in an SOS situation around sales or project timelines – I can help you dissect the problem and streamline an emergency solution that connects to your bigger picture
  • Girlfriend to Girlfriend Services: hey, I know real life on top of running a business is hard — and sometimes that real life is a really big challenge; I’m available to be your best champion, a shoulder to cry on, a butt kicker (never a butt kisser), a reassuring voice and a voice of reason and a litmus test for what is working and what is not.
  • Special Project and Program Rates: as a VIP in my life I’ll make myself available at a special CMO-On-Call hourly rate of $45/hr for social marketing services and $95/hr for strategic planning activities (regular $65 and $150/hr) or similarly reduced rates on programs and packaged services. I will NOT upsell you. I will suggest when other marketing activities may benefit you and we’ll discuss teaching you, advising you under the CMO-On-Call program, providing it to you as a project, or hiring someone else.

Why 4-months?

This is a VIP service to clients who value the notion of continuity in marketing. Stopping and starting is not a success strategy. And YOU are busy running the rest of your business. For this nominal fee, I can be part of YOUR team for long enough to help move you to the next level of your business. And 16-weeks has proven to be a fabulous launchpad for a big shift in your business. This is the ultimate ROI promise.

I’m ready to be your Partner… your Chief Marketing Officer available on your demand. Are you ready to make great leaps?

The CMO-On-Call Package Details

Package 1: CMO-On-Call Deluxe
  • Almost unlimited email support*. Response within 2-12 hours to any problem, Monday – Friday.
  • Unlimited emergency text support on-demand. If you have a business crisis, I can be available via text within 0-2 hours weekdays/evenings and within 12 hours on weekends.
  • 1 coffee (or wine or mojitos) date per month.
  • 1 phone call per month.
  • Social promotion weekly to my community*: 2 Facebook shares, 10 Tweets, a limited number of other social sharing that we can agree to.
  • Inclusion in the MPowered Friends Daily Paper on Twitter.
  • Random inspirational messages to cheer you on towards your goals!
  • Promotion in the new MPowered News monthly launching in January.
  • Access to my exceptional connected network for introductions and additional promotional or marketing support as required.
Package 2: CMO-On-Call Streamline
  • Email support up to twice a week. Response within 24 hours to any problem.
  • Emergency text support on-demand one-time per week. If you have a business crisis, I can be available via text to respond within 0-2 hours weekdays/evenings and within 12 hours on weekends.
  • Social promotion weekly to my community: 2 Facebook shares, 10 Tweets, a limited number of other social sharing that we can agree to.

This is a maintenance program for VIP clients or clients who have participated in The Accelerator program.

Note, this is only available to a maximum of 4 clients at any time and we must have a strategic foundation to grow from first. Sometimes that strategy basis is found over a quick coffee date, sometimes it requires a deeper dip into creating a plan to work from. If you know you are missing the plan to create the path, let’s have a strategic Catalyst Conversation first.

Step 1: Choose your package based on your budget and what you feel your marketing advice and mentor support requirements might be.

Step 2: Read the guidelines at the bottom of this page. Payment is your consent that you understand the terms and agreements outlined below.

Step 3: BEFORE NOVEMBER 16th provide e-transfer or mail a cheque of PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN funds to kim@mpoweredmarketing.com.

Step 4: Complete the payment option below using the drop down to choose your package.

Program Options

Step 5: That’s up to me! As soon as I’ve received both payments, you are registered and we’re ready to rock and roll December 1. I will send you at the start of each month the guidelines for CMO-On-Call and prompt you frequently to make use of the support and marketing knowledge you have access to. I will also send you links to some tools we’ll use to keep track of our communication flow so you are supported, not drowning in conversation and email.


Guidelines (Terms & Conditions). Click here.

This program is intended to create a support system for you with Kim as an advisor, a confidante and a resource for your marketing and business needs. If your requests exceed the outlined plan you joined under, or your requests become “project” oriented by nature rather than support and advisory, you will be quoted additional fees to create a project pricing separate from this program. The nature of this program is to be available to answer your questions, you are the guide. Projects are initiated by you or Kim, and then activated with a higher level of knowledge and involvement than this program permits. Inquiries that appear project based, not advice based, will be subjected to review and may be responded with a quote instead. You are not obligated to any additional services from Kim. Nor will you be sold any unnecessary additional project hours or pitched programs that you do not need – guaranteed! Recommendations may be made for Kim or other third-party experts or an outline of how to hire others, only when agreed upon.

Support = strategic responsive advice and well, truth is, you’ll always be on my mind so I’ll be looking out for better ways to advice you. Strategic response will be provided – based on what I know about your business. I may require more information, which I will ask of you, in order to respond. However, strategic planning foundation must be established in advance. Project management is not included but can be provided and quoted a special CMO-On-Call rate of $95 per hour for strategic planning and writing, $45 per hour for social media coordination and administrative tasks or at a project/package price. (Regular rates: $150 for strategic services and $65 per hour for social marketing)
Almost Unlimited Email Support (CMO-On-Call Deluxe Package) = you may send up to 1 email a day with a limit of 1 question per day so that I can focus on great feedback in a timely manner, whether that feedback requires one word or a full essay. If you send more than 1 question, you will still receive only 1 response per day. The other question would be answered on the following day. Exceptions may be made at Kim’s discretion or your request.
Emergency weekend service is available without special request by you for the CMO-On-Call Deluxe Package only, but may not always provide the same response time. Up to 15 days of downtime over 10 months are built into this plan for Kim Page Gluckie where she will not be available to provide the services. These will never be consecutive for more than 10 days. For vacation downtime, you will be provide 2 weeks notice. For occasional days or short breaks you will be provided 48 hours notice. You will not receive discounted fees for these interruptions to your service. Your fees already reflect this “vacation” and “downtime” days.

Cancellation Policy: If at any time during the CMO-On-Call subscription contract you or I are not satisfied with the service you are receiving, we can cancel the program with 30 days written notice for any reason, upon providing in writing a thorough description of reason you are cancelling.