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Social Media Speed Planning Call

Let’s set up a 20 minute call. We can talk about anything from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to blogging. We can create  a plan or solve a problem. We can do a “how to” session to take your skills to the next level. Whatever quick tips or tricks or advice you need, we can discuss. With your first call you receive an email follow up of our discussion and advice. Need more than 20 minutes? No problem. Additional 20 minutes of chatting is nominal! Let’s just get started!

Social Media Speed Plan

Social Media Strategic Audit

One of the biggest fears of social media is that it will waste time. The best way to avoid time-wasting is having a purpose, a plan and the right social media mix. If you are already using social media for business (Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogging, others) you might be ripe for an expert review – an audit – of your social media strategy. We’ll spend time chatting about your business, your audience, your passion and your goals. Then I will dig deep into your current social media setup to let you know what you are doing right, what you are missing and what you need to improve upon in order to build a sales focused business that fits your life while also growing your business.

Social Media Silent Partner

If what your online business really needs is more of you online, but you are giving it all the time you have, consider me as a social media silent partner. No fear about me putting words in your mouth. As a silent partner, I’d be here to coach you on what you need to say and when, and then I’d use your words and help them go viral. I’d also be on task to dig up more connections, customer leads and on target ideas for you to respond to. I just do the leg work to grow your business while saving you the time. Nobody needs to know!

Social Media Silent Partner (monthly fees)

Social Media Set-Up

If you need help setting up an integrated social media platform – from plan to technology – let me help. With a focus on your big picture business needs, I’ll recommend the social media platforms best for your business, set them up for you and get you started on using them. My focus is integrating your technologies and teaching you the simplest ways to get your messages out without wasting your time.

Call for custom quote.

Social Media & Marketing Planning

Call for custom quote.

Social Media Workshops & Training

From overviews of why social media matters to technical “how tos” of today’s most popular platforms, a custom workshop can be created for your group! Contact to set up a call.