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I am a marketing expert, with 20 years honing my craft. When you work with me one-on-one or as part of a program or workshop, I’m committed to your success!

  • I am committed to your success – consider me part of your champion team
  • I am your biggest fan – promoting you on social media and through my communities is my pleasure (it’s also my natural talent)
  • I get you focused fast – whether you are distracted by ideas or brimming over with opportunities, we can focus you fast in power sessions designed to keep you taking all the right steps
  • I build your confidence – everyone suffers from set-backs and self-created limiting beliefs, I can coach you past these personal booby-traps quickly towards your goals
  • I share your excitement – you are inspiring and I only work with people like you because it is FUN! This is why I do what I do!
  • I teach you how to get your business groove on within your budget – I’m well-known for creating super successful marketing strategies with this mantra “no time, no money, no excuses” – let’s just get to work using what you do have to get growing!
  • I tell you what you need to hear, for the good of your success (ie. no sucking up) – the “expert” world is full of people with slick tools, programs and one-size-is-supposed-to-fit-all strategies, but sometimes what you need is a one to one coach who will be a true friend and tell you what NOT to do while also guiding you towards what will work
  • I use all my marketing tools to give you the best answers to your business problems – focused on my belief that all business success starts with achievable goals, a fun and focused marketing action plan and a great sense of how to grow success from a community-mindset, I have a wealth of online (social media and more) and traditional strategy to give to you
  • You become part of my business community – connecting you to the people and information you want to know in order to grow is the fabric of the current culture we live in, growing community and using community to amplify the success of small businesses and not for profits is my passion. When you work with me, your community grows – no catch.

I’d love to help you. Use the drop-down menu above to see my packages, workshops for your community or group, or contact me if you’d like me to quote you on a custom project via mail to: kim@mpoweredmarketing.com.

I invite you to join my communities:

Facebook: MPowered Marketing, International Alliance of Motivated Part-Time Entrepreneurs and CRAVE Calgary.

Twitter: @kimpagegluckie, @iampte, @cravecalgary

LinkedIn: kimpagegluckie

Kim PG