When Is an Email Spam?

I just got the courage up late last night to actually ask for something for myself. I’m terrible at it! Can you relate? Are you terrible at asking for what you need?

I like to think when I share information, it is for the greater good typically. I work hard to make sure what I put out in the world, and to my list, is full of meaty content or it provokes good thinking. Sometimes I promote something that is part of my business… you know, to make money. But even within those promotions and invites, I share lots of good knowledge and insight to small business. I know I do.

So when I work up the courage to ask for help from my “list” – the email list that is only full of people who subscribed – I’m certain of two things. First, I know some people will unsubscribe. I get one or two people unsubscribe with every email I send no matter the content. That’s not a big deal to me. If they want me, they probably find me on Facebook or Twitter. Second, I know my open rate and click through rates are pretty decent. Sometimes they are awesome. Sometimes they suck. That’s the nature of email marketing.

What I did NOT expect, in an email today where I humbly open outlining my biggest failing in small business and end with an offer to find me on Facebook anytime to ask for help, is 2 complaints! By complaint, in email marketing, that means “marked as spam.” When I said I try to send thoughtful or meaty content – that is not what I meant!

Horrors! I’m having an irrational emotional response. My logic is telling me this: if someone is not “engaged” with me regularly in person or on social media they don’t get how unspammy for MYSELF I am. I actively promote others all the time. But to push out a request to “vote for me” in a campaign where if I win I’m doing good for thousands, and then be marked as spam to the Mailchimp police, clearly they DON’T KNOW WHO I AM.

Clearly, the concept of spam is subjective. If you don’t want it, you might consider it spam. But the truth is, if you signed up for the list and the content you receive is authentic and honest, you aren’t being spammed. You are maybe getting something you don’t actually want. So unsubscribe by all means, but don’t mess with the email marketing police. It can affect someone’s business. Understand the rules and then play nice (or not if warranted). Here is a link to the CAN-SPAM act as a refresher: http://www.business.ftc.gov/documents/bus61-can-spam-act-compliance-guide-business

So, I’m getting over it. Fast!

What do you consider spam?

I hope you read the CAN-SPAM act and protect yourself from being the spammer or knowing if you are the spamee.

Here is the campaign I sent that got my back up (but also got a 57% open rate and counting – thanks to those who know me and support me – WOOT!).

So, is it spam? I have received a dozen emails in my inbox telling me what a great email this was, and applauding me for my “ask”. So, I know what I think. Each to their own. The Mailchimp police shouldn’t crack down on me for just 2 complaints and the typical unsubscribes are balanced with the many new subscribers I’ve had this week – as it should be. That’s email marketing momentum for you! And it’s okay. A good list clean-up is always welcome in my campaigns.

Feel free to read (AND VOTE 🙂 – there I go again) and let me know in the comments below what you think about the concept of “spam” in regards to you being a reader of email or a writer who sends it out!

Here’s how to fail at business.

Don’t ask for help.

Needing help but not asking is one of the biggest roadblocks to success – and one of my personal challenges I simply must learn to overcome.

So, I’ve failed. But I’m hoping you can help me now.

My dear friend Fawna Bews encouraged me to be nominated for the 2013 Mompreneur Award of Excellence. I had to think about it for awhile. I took a look at the prize package. Then I formed a plan should I win. The plan had to be something specific, that I wasn’t able to do for myself. And it clearly became a plan that benefited the thousands of part-time entrepreneurs I’ve tried to serve with one of my passion projects… IAMPTE.

Read my nomination to learn what I hope to do for IAMPTE if I win. If I win, it WILL benefit thousands and thousands of part-time entrepreneurs who are as driven to succeed as full-time entrepreneurs, while still having a job or raising kids or… gosh can you imagine, golfing or chilling out.

I am passionate about my business, but as a part-time entrepreneur, I can’t fulfill all my goals on my own. So, this nomination has become truly meaningful to me… and beneficial for many. If I do not win, the plan is the same, just on a slower timeline. I WILL fulfill what I set out to either this year or a year coming soon to you!

So, my failure at business – not many but this is a good one! I didn’t ask for help earlier for this nomination. What are you withholding from the world because you are not asking for help? It’s a big question with a challenging answer I bet.

So here’s my ask – if you vote daily for me from now until January 30th, I have a good chance of winning. I believe it. Will you vote for me?

Please take a peak at my nomination and you’ll see how big my vision is. Thank you!
To vote today: CLICK HERE.

For a daily reminder to vote: FILL OUT (click here to fill it out) THIS SIMPLE FORM. You’ll get a brief reminder with the link in your inbox until the end of the month. The list will not be used for any other purpose. On February 1 you’ll receive a note letting you know you can unsubscribe from this list and Mompreneur’s website, if you only registered to vote for me!

Much appreciation!


P.S. Reluctance to “put yourself out there” is no way to get ahead in business. Right? What’s holding you back? I’m always there to help direct you to the right resource or person you need! So ask okay? That’s the path to success.

Hint: To get my help, it’s easiest on Facebook.

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