What You Say Matters

What if you didn’t share a blog post, a kind word, a random thought that matters to you… what if the lack of YOUR sharing meant someone who needed to hear what you had to say, made a different decision that day.

You know I’ve been all about teaching blogging for business lately. And if you’ve participated, you’ll know I’ve hammered home the idea of “content strategy.” And content strategy comes from an idea that your business is based in your values, so should your blog content be. And that blog content, that strategic sharing, drives all your social marketing.

What if you decide your words, your ideas, your offers are not good enough?

What if even though you are brave enough, a good enough writer, a clear enough thought leader that you don’t have to wait to be perfect to make a point?

What if you knew that your words matter… to one or to many… would you share them?

What if you could impact ONE person so significantly it changed their thoughts, their actions, their feelings about themselves.

Would it be worth it?

Do us a favour. Write, talk and share.

What you say matters. To someone. Somewhere.

Withholding your thoughts is a disservice to yourself and to others.

Share. Write. Blog. What you say matters.

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