We all have dreams: Do you believe?

We aren’t all destined to be world-class athletes, leaders, or shining starts. Many of us are downright average in many ways. Many people have extraordinary physical, mental, personal, financial challenges beyond the rest of us… often we don’t even know how insurmountable the challenges are for some.

But no matter our skills, obstacles, or normalcy… we all have dreams. And we all have it within ourselves to grasp them. And we all have the opportunity to excel in small or large ways in our lives. We all have the blessed right to wish our dreams come true. This is what having the Olympics in Canada means to me.

We are a blessed nation. Oh Canada… the true north strong and free. Is there anything more optimistic and powerful than that?

No matter how difficult our lives may feel at times, how lucky are we? We can hear the lyrics of our anthem, see our maple leaf, watch passionate athletes… symbols of Canada. Symbols of our hope and dreams.

It has been a decade of dreams coming true for me. My dreams are modest… a family, a self-created career I enjoy, a strong marriage, opportunity to have a few small luxuries from time to time. But my modest dreams are the golden ticket to 90% of the world’s population who suffer poverty, hunger, injustice, and much more. Yet they too have symbols of hopes and dreams.

Honestly. How lucky are you?! We live in a country where, as we rise out of recession (reality or mindset), we remember we are an optimistic nation.

Has anyone had to sit in a social studies class analyzing what is Canada’s true identity? And how we may not have one? Not ONE common core identity… as we are a country of many nations. But that always got under my skin. I have always felt, whether we can define it or not, we DO have ONE true common thread. And you know, I think Vancouver 2010/ CTV-sponsored theme has got it right… we believe. We believe in hopes, dreams, opportunity, success, love and happiness. Every one of us.

I sit here listening to Oh Canada sung by athletes on the final leg of the Olympic torch relay… a spontaneous outburst of pride and emotion. My children are exuberantly singing along. I literally feel a tug at my heart and have many tears in my eyes.

I have also just heard (and saw the horrific replay) that a young athlete has died in his practice run on the luge track, before the Olympics even begin. He had a dream. His family had dreams for him. This is devastatingly tragic and heartbreaking. Fresh. Raw. Yet even the painful moments… are the thing of dreams. The horror and challenges and obstacles are what make dreams difficult to achieve, what make the extraordinary the extraordinary. May Canadian athletes, all athletes… luge athletes, continue to embrace their dreams in this difficult time.

I have dreams for myself, my family and my children. I stubbornly refuse to let obstacles get me down. I am blessed to be Canadian. I Believe! Believe with me.

Which version of this song do you like best? I won’t choose (how Canadian of me to not pick a favourite!). Both Canadian women deliver an emotional, inspiring experience.

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