Values-based business planning – lessons from the kids!

I am a Dragon’s Den uber-fan! When I see companies in real life that I know were on Dragon’s Den, I shake with excitement – dying to grill them about their experience. I don’t know why – I lived the real life dragons den for 7 years pitching the advertising agency I worked for to win business every month. But maybe that’s why – it’s a HUGE rush for me.

And that rush stirs up all kinds of possibilities, ideas and ‘I HAVE to get on with it’ feelings. I have big, big plans for this business and a new top secret project I am working on. Oh what fun it’s going to be.

BUT… the BIG BUT… my kids are my constant reminder I’ve made a values-based decision about my business. I AM a PART-TIME Entrepreneur. I am a full time mom. This is not something I feel sorry for myself about… FAR from it. I am empowered by it. I have chosen to dedicate my full time life to chauffeuring, cooking, bum wiping, boogy killing, dream catching, cookie making, clothes washing, disciplining, laughing, jumping, running, crying and celebrating with my 3 young daughters.

My “middle child” turns 5 today. So we celebrate. I have an invite to an exclusive event tonight that I’d do anything to go to … except give up celebrating the birth of my child.

This particular child is hard to figure out. And in her, I face challenges that I assume other face about their growing businesses. Bold and broody. Full of heart and passion, sometimes directionless. But she is growing up. She is coming into her own. She is starting to make sense to herself and to others. She has found her voice and it is brilliant and interesting and spicy.

She is simply delightful. Imagine your business as a young middle child… sometimes feeling caught in the middle but with the opportunity to grow in many different directions, guided by those with more experience and those with less experience. Always wanting to find the leadership role in the crowd, but it’s exceedingly difficult. It takes mentorship, patience and self-care. It takes giving yourself a break and focusing always on what IS working, not what isn’t.

Today I celebrate 3 years in this business and 5 years as “mom” to my “big-little” child who asks me questions I have never thought to ask myself, who thinks deeply and shares honestly. She reminds me of who I am and want I want in all facets of my life.

I am a part-time entrepreneur. I practice patience growing my business while my kids still want me to be a full-time mom. Because this is right for me. And I celebrate my slow growth… because it’s growth. And I celebrate my family. Because the three curly-haired girls in my life matter most.

December is a month of celebration! What are you celebrating?

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