The Value of Taking Centre Stage in Business

I recently participated in a photoshoot for my own company. I was really uncomfortable with putting myself as the centre of attention for a few hours. But aren’t we all a little squeamish with being the focus in our business at times? Aren’t you?

I had to reflect on the kind of “stages” on which we can build our brand presence, and why we roadblock ourselves from stepping up to build our brand in the most personal ways. The core element of course, is always being ourselves. From an actual stage to a video production for your business to a photoshoot, there is an extra layer of vulnerability in being ourselves.

My roadblock to photos of myself, I realized, is that I find comfort in using language to get my point of view across. I use words to build my brand. That is my comfort zone. I am okay with video (now) and speaking, writing and client meetings. But just me, in a picture, ACTING LIKE MYSELF. It doesn’t work. We need to BE ourselves, our best selves, when we take the stage.

Being ourselves is sometimes the hardest thing to be. Am I right?

But the value in pushing yourself into being comfortable out of your comfort zone, and the value in putting yourself centre stage – getting that photoshoot done, getting a professional video done, seeking a speaking opportunity – is that YOU, in all your vulnerable glory, are the single most distinguishing unique quality of your brand.

So you simply must take centre stage. Even if it draws out your awkward inner teen. There is something kinda fun and delightful in letting go and just going with it.

My best advice? If you feel awkward, you are probably doing it right. If your brain is telling you to strike a pose, tell a joke, make a face – do it. Because isn’t that the true you? What’s the worst thing that will happen? People will, ahem, get to know the real you? AWESOME.

Can’t do it alone? Then, work with professionals who you know will take the time to care about your vulnerability and work with it, not squash it, because it’s endearing and where true connectedness comes from. A sensitive and fun photographer, videographer, speaking coach will help turn your worries into assets for your brand.

Take centre stage from time to time. If you haven’t lately, what’s on your dream board? Is now the time to step up?

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