The Social Media Perfect Storm

I wrote a few months back about the marketing perfect storm. Not sure what a perfect storm is? Check out the earlier blog where I explain what it is.

I’m excited to tell you I’m living the social media perfect storm RIGHT NOW! It is so rewarding to be in the middle of a whirlwind of online and real life activity that is literally growing women’s businesses as we speak.

I live in a very ‘live’ networking world through the training and networking events I have created and am now co-creating for women entrepreneurs. I love being a business to business matchmaker and being involved in helping women succeed by creating opportunities and connections that come from when women meet face to face.

I’m also really enjoying doing the same for myself online… I don’t find enough time to run networking events for others AND attend industry-helpful ones for myself. And this is okay, because the online world is a rich with local connection opportunities that work well for me instead.

The perfect storm for me though… is when the face to face connecting and online connecting collide. Twitter has been a flurry of activity of women following, retweeting, and researching in the past two days as a result of some first time face to face meetings at two free social media classes held in person this week. How amazing to get home last night and have brand new tweeters doing as I recommended by signing up and immediately following their new supporters… the women in the room they met only a few hours earlier.

This, my followers, IS the perfect storm of social media. Your face-to-face relationships with customers and colleagues can be strengthened quickly, authentically and meaningfully by engaging in online relationships with these great people too. And when you build a relationship online and then finally meet in person, it’s not a first meeting at all. It is just the final step in affirming a fantastic new friendship, support team, or business relationship.

Meld your online world with your ‘in real life’ (IRL) world and you too can have the social media perfect storm. A place where growing your tribe and growing your business literally can happen overnight! It just did for me and a dozen other Calgary and Okotoks women. I have to say… isn’t this so cool?

Join me in my online world by following me on twitter at Say hello and ask questions if you need help getting started or figuring out how to make connections that are meaningful to you!

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