The One Reason You Need to Use Email Marketing

You know, I hear you. Email marketing feels like an extra bit to your business toolkit that is just easier to ignore, avoid or hide.

Why? Perhaps you have fear of spamming your fans. Perhaps you have fear you have nothing to say. (I am pretty sure it is both of those things)

I have to tell you, you are thinking about it all wrong.

The fact is, email can be one of the most genuine, sincere, sacred, inspiring, entertaining, informative… and personal methods of connecting with people who want to hear from you.

Email is only spammy if someone is receiving your email that did NOT choose to receive it.

So if you are following the Canadian Anti-Spam Law guidelines and best practices anywhere in the world, you have created a process where people have chosen to be on your list with clarity of the messages they will receive. Worry over.

Please wrap your head around the mindset that when someone takes their time to sign up for your newsletter, free offer, blog post feed or whatever it is you choose to use to invite them to sign up (there are hundreds of invitation types)… they EXPECT you to email them. They want you to. They have “opted in”. It is YOUR job to deliver on what they asked for.

Who are you to NOT share your great ideas when someone opts-in?

There are convincing statistics on the merits of email marketing and list-building. I encourage you to embrace those.

But the ONE reason I want you to truly embrace about why email marketing matters most is this:

Email marketing is the ONLY ‘push’ marketing method that you and your fans 100% control.

Your control: It is ENTIRELY in your control to make what you send genuine, sincere, sacred, inspiring, entertaining, informative… and personal. You are in complete control of when you send it. You decide how often. You control what it looks like. You control EV.ERY.THING.

Your fans’ control: They decide if they will open it, read it, like it, click through, respond or even unsubscribe. All these things are good. A great email marketing platform like MailChimp significantly reduces your email going into a junk or spam folder so you can be assured your subscribers actually DO receive the message.

It’s a win-win. If the ONLY marketing you are doing right now is through social media, consider this… you have NO control (not really) that guarantees your message will be seen. Yes, there are numerous marketing methods to increase your odds (I teach them and I hope you use them). But there is no guarantee like a personal email to get a message in front of your future customers and fan base.

With email marketing there is no Google algorithm, there is no Facebook edgerank system between you and your potential reader. There is only you and your fan. If you hone your style, the most mass message can feel, on their end, completely personal. And that is what you want.

Do not shy away from email marketing. I recommend it as part of an entire marketing mix, as one method never can do the job of promoting your ideas or business alone. It is one of a few cornerstone strategies that should be in every small business owner’s marketing mix. But it is a critically important one.

If you are unsure how to fine tune your message, your mindset and your method, contact me ( to help. I would love to amplify your connection to your customers… it does not have to be often, it does not have to be slick, it just has to be a fit for you and your followers.

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