The Loving Choices of Entrepreneurship

Do you ever feel like, as a business owner, your brain never takes a rest? That you are in “always on” mode. That you need superhero abilities to deliver what you know you were created to perform?

That’s me. My brain is tired. There is no room for “traditional” fun right now (going to movies, out for drinks, pedicures). And, I’m okay with that.

I’ve been thinking this morning, “why am I okay with that?” and “Am I really okay with that?” After pining over the movie times that never fit, and planning to get a pedicure sometime within the next 3 days no matter what (and putting a bottle of wine in the fridge to chill), I realized…

I am okay with it and I know why.

I have choices to lovingly create my path every day.

I long ago chose to put my fun into my work. Meaning, I rarely choose to do something related to my time away from my kids when I’m working unless I know I’ll have fun doing it.

I also chose long ago to put my kids first. Always. The truth is, at times like today when I’m so very behind on some very meaningful opportunities and billable hours, I’m heading to gymnastics (again) to watch my 5 year old in her first “real” floor routine. My dedicated work hours are often sidelined with sick kids or kid things that, frankly, are more important to me. I put my obligation to my kids first… because it’s not an obligation… it’s the job I signed up for first (times 3 kids) and it is also fun.

So, I make loving choices non-stop. My head spins. I feel unrested. But I do not feel like victim in a vortex of “too much”. I remember I chose all of this. I am blessed.

There are specific choices I make daily to cope, create and convey my work lovingly to the world. I hope you feel inspired by my list, and share your loving choices that honour your business in the comments below, because you can inspire others by sharing. (Great choice!)

My Loving Choices of Entrepreneurship

  1. Call, email, Facebook message or text. Some may say the phone is gold in business, but I disagree. Any communication that is personal and impactful is exceptional. For me, personal and impactful is also efficient for me or it isn’t fun – text and email are my business friends. I communicate often with the people in my world. Other than trying not to clutter up email inboxes, the written word works for me for creating an impression.
  2. Honour thy clients and VIPs first. I’m slipping on some business building projects right now that are significant. But I have to suck it up, maybe beg for extensions, because those who pay me for one on one service always win my time first. It’s the cornerstone to my customer service – even if it’s in opposition to big business busters. There will be time for both. Just not this week.
  3. Create revenue streams that feel awesome. I’m doing my very best work these days in four different ways that fulfill me and create big impacts in little and big ways for those I work with. It’s taken time and many good and poor choices to be able to say I’ve arrived into a version of  my business that fits me truly and serves my customers best. But I can say it now. I’ve arrived! (And I’m sticking around in this beautiful version of my business for awhile.
  4. Ask for help. This is a new one for me. I cannot pinpoint why as a human being asking for help is a challenge for me. But not asking can be a fatal flaw in business. I’m in the “practice” mode of figuring out what kind of help I need and asking for it. Truth is, I’ve been asking for help in business for many years and my biggest hurts have come from not receiving what I needed from those I asked. So the loving choice here is to keep trying, keep asking and focus on new people to ask who are on the same page now. I’m letting go of old hurts and making room for new opportunities. This week, I asked for help three times and the help I received will magnify my business. Score!
  5. Forgive myself for I am not SuperMom nor am I SuperEntrepreneur. I strive for awesome but I do not have a cape. Like you, I stumble, I miss deadlines, I forget important school dates, I let laundry pile up, I (shock) make typos on Facebook posts. But I roll with it and forgive myself because it is okay. It just is. There is no other choice really than to accept what is real and just move forward to the next thing, idea or nap. Forgive for none of us are perfect, right?

Can you apply these choices lovingly to your your life and business? Are there others you would add to your own list?

Please share at least one inspired loving choice you make as an entrepreneur in the comments below.

And then take some time to make a list, like mine, for yourself. These are the cornerstones of decision-making that matter most.

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