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The Psychology of Pricing

Are you offering a buffet bonanza or fancy prix fixe … fixed pricing… experience, or (egads) a fast food experience?

The psychology of pricing is tricky, and it’s based largely in what is FAIR for your customer in balance with what your services and products are worth.

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Letting Go Is Hard to Do: A Tribute to Ideas… and the Canadian Penny

We all get ideas we can’t let go of. Right? There are ideas that we ran with, got some success out of, repeated and eventually fizzled out. Sometimes the fizzle is lost in us – we don’t love the idea…

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3 Reasons Not to Obsess About Your Facebook Feed

Facebook is frustrating! Or it can be, if you are the obsessive type, constantly reviewing your statistics and analyzing if your posts show up in your reader’s feed or not. But here’s the thing I’m worried about – if you…

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