Success! The proof is in the concept

“Proof of Concept”. A term usually reserved for products and manufacturing. I like to borrow concepts and make them my own and so I officially am borrowing this idea and recommending it for small business entrepreneurs.

I feel like I’m just at the end of my “proof of concept” period for not only my marketing business, but also the evolution of my family as we challenged ourselves (not sure they had a choice) to incorporate this business into our already busy lives. The verdict is in! Other than way too many late night work hours it has been a resounding success.

Sure, there were days where I whined that I was tired. Any Facebook followers saw my lament over the piles of laundry that built up (not the piles themselves, but the unhappy internal customers… aka my family). We had moments where juggling the family calendar and the one vehicle capable of holding three young girls and their carseats veered on impossibility. But all in all, our family did just fine in this initial phase of “mommy gets back to marketing.”

So about that marketing! The business proof of concept has had an overwhelmingly positive response. I have indeed proven there is a hunger for quality marketing knowledge that is affordable, useful and practical for women in business. And there is a strong compulsion for women in business to seek out meaningful networking opportunities. Approximately 60 evaluations are in and without any doubt, the blend of marketing training and networking at the MPowered Marketing event series has been effective. Women attendees have told me they have developed, changed or enhanced their business focus from both the training I delivered and the quality networking with local business women who care enough to share honest and helpful advice. Further to that, I have witnessed actual business development amongst the women who have participated. They have asked me for more sessions. And I will deliver.

Step 1: Proof of concept is proven.

Step 2: I will now be a good marketer, a good parent, a good wife and take some time to reflect on what has worked, what needs modification. I’ll evaluate the facts, review the results, research and interview my family members and customers. I will use my knowledge, experience and intuition to guide my course from here. I’m looking forward to a “work on my business, not in my business” summer. What follows will be more family transition as my oldest starts grade 1 against my pleading to stay 6 forever. I will also face the realization that now is a good time to commit to a bit of regular childcare a few days a week for my two younger children. I look forward to repeating my marketing series and refining more than creating.

Proof of concepts are fantastic! They put an idea on a timeline to see if it works without feeling the pressure of lifelong commitment to a “notion”. They give permission to try something out on a hunch. They allow real life experience to be the indicators of future opportunity and success.

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