Storytelling and Statistics: My Facebook Insights Insight

I have a confession to make. I don’t really mess around with marketing statistics all that often. I really prefer building my business based on the conversations I have had with clients, feedback I get on social media and my instincts on what is needed most.

I still geek out on Google Analytics every once in awhile, take a peak at my Klout rating and follow how my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook communities are growing. But it is simply not a priority for me.

Having said that, I have been playing a bit more with how to build conversations online that grow my following, particularly in Facebook. It all started with some political posts on my personal Facebook page that had a small scale ‘viral’ moment with a few thousands shares and hundreds of comments. Not typical for me, but an example of how I am able to engage on a larger scale in a way that matters.

Realizing I have been preaching being personal for years, I recognized I had not been tracking the impacts that my messages have when I am most personal the day and week they occur (I just knew the value over time). I was pleasantly surprised to find that over and over again my Facebook Insights (those little marketing statistics on your business page) showed my engagement AND page likes take a big leap every time I write something like this:

I haven’t told ‘my story’ lately. Here it is in brief. 8 or 9 years ago (it was a mom-life lack of sleep blur) I had 3…

Posted by Truth and Tonic on Monday, July 20, 2015

If you click on the red date link above (not the business name)… it will take you to the post directly if you wish to read it. You will also see the statistics of that one post. Over 1000 people saw that post and over 353 clicked and read the whole thing.

The fact is, I am never going to be a person who plays the numbers (for me) with diligence. I simply enjoy slow and steady growth the most. It helps me connect to my clients best. However, it has been fun to focus more on the facts lately, not just the engagement… because witnessing results in numbers is pretty cool too.

I recommend you continue to focus more on quality engagement than numbers. But the fact is my friend, continually growing with new fans is required at a fairly steady pace to grow your business. Go play more with being personal in your social media feeds and see what happens. I bet you’ll like the result!

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