Balance is a myth for most of us. Life happens when we can’t anticipate interruptions. But business growth can go on. I know it as much as I know that Sticktoitivity is one of the key strengths of an entrepreneur who struggles with balance but still marches on to success.

I’m edging up to 5 years in business this Fall, so I’ve had a few bumps along the way. A few. A few were mountains, a few were mole-hills. (Like today with a flat tire at a grocery store and a trudge back home with a 5 year old, no groceries and a big impact on my tight schedule). But today, and for 5 years, I stuck with my vision. To keep going. Because it was right (for me). No matter what.

What “Sticktoitivity” Means to Me

I wish I invented this word. But I didn’t.

Someone who faced failure and rose to a magical kind of success coined Sticktoitivity. He labeled it as a certain kind of persistence and determination.

Sticktoitivity: a special kind of persistence & determination. ~Walt Disney

That sounds about right, doesn’t it Miss or Mr. Entrepreneur?

A special kind of persistence and determination.


This word is special to me, because through sick days, days when our partners are not available to juggle the schedule, flat tires as mole hills and hormonal depression as mountains, sticktoitivity is sometimes all I have. Call it the coffee fumes clinging to the passion for success. Call it stubborn. Call it what you want. But it’s the same thing in the end – even when we come to a full stop in our action, in our hearts we’re still committed – we pick up, and go on.

Keep calm and stick to it.

What is “IT”?

What you are sticking to is the important piece here.

An idea that you know will work, that you are extremely passionate about, that can be bought into by equally enthusiastic fans, is something to stick with.

Creating a community or understanding that you offer a value that would be missed if you quit, is something to stick with.

Values that drive your vision forward because it’s important, is something to stick with.

Balance is Bogus, Sticktoitivity Creates Success

Don’t you think? Do have a little magic or secret sauce that keeps you moving forward… no matter what? Please share.

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