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For five years I have created workshops custom-designed for small business owners. I am an expert at understanding the pulse of the community, and modern marketing strategies that make sense for any size of business. I proudly craft workshops to nurture and inspire the education of curious and passionate entrepreneurs, small businesses and not for profits. I am currently crafting a September 2012 – August 2012 workshop calendar. Please sign up at the right to keep in the loop!

“Through my client, I was invited to attend one of Kim’s presentations. What particularly impressed me about Kim was the relationship and understanding she had of each client’s needs and constant engagement with both clients and her online following.” colleague Almin Kassamali, StyleLabs

Customized Group Training

I love being invited to train groups of any size – whether your team or organization needs a hands-on marketing planning session or a brush up on social marketing. I can customize a presentation with extreme focus on your organization’s goals and culture. Contact me at kim@mpoweredmarketing.com to discuss how I can help train your group.

“Kim is an amazing force when she speaks. She is easy to understand and her passion shows through. I love that she makes everything simple and usable. NO FLUFF. When I left her class I was so eager to try out my new skills and move my business to the next level with great planning. Thanks Kim, Can’t wait to work with you again.” Jennifer Belanger, Social Media Consultant

Popular marketing topics are (but not limited to):

  • Building a Brand That Matters
  • Marketing Mapping & Decision-Making Magic
  • Blogging for Business – Fearless & Brilliant Small Business Strategies
  • From Chaos to Cohesion – Creating a Marketing Vision that Works
  • Social Marketing Success – Latest Trends in Social Media for Small Business
  • Connecting and Community Building For Solid Business Growth
  • Rebranding: How to Grow From Here
  • Blogging for Business Revolution
  • And more.

“I have had the pleasure of attending a few of Kim’s social media marketing workshops and listening to her as a panellist at a recent event regarding building your personal brand. Kim is extremelely knowledgeable about small business marketing. She is definitely a champion of small business growth and has a huge passion for community building.” Heather Broad, Entrepreneur Mom Now Calgary

Keynote Presentations

If you have an event where you are looking for an honest, inspiring and down-to-earth keynote guest speaker, consider me. Current keynote address topics may be:

I Ditched the Paycheque For This?

After 15 years in a successful marketing career with year over year income growth, I gave it all up to take on part-time contracts, direct selling, a photographer business and eventually settled into … marketing. But finally, on my terms. Becoming a parent kickstarted my joy as a part-time entrepreneur and love of being a mom. It’s hard. But it’s also crazy fun. Let me inspire your group to find smart ways to grow their business at any pace, letting go of the past and embracing the brilliance of the future.

Go Fearlessly Into Your Small Business

In my 4 years of helping small business clients, mostly women, I’ve discovered that fear of using their own voice is the only thing holding them back. But it holds them back in EVERY aspect of modern marketing. In a world where social connecting is the cornerstone to creating success, overcoming fear of lack of privacy and fear of being heard as you really are is essential. From defining your unique business proposition to blogging to setting up and sharing your words on social media, you must go fearlessly, but with strategy it doesn’t feel so hard! This topic is ideal for introverts or any crowd where there is resistance to modern marketing ways.

“I first met with Kim to get assistance with marketing via social media for my company. Not only is Kim a wonderful, warm person but very knowledgeable, and she assisted me in getting on the right path. She also has a way of making you feel comfortable even if you think you are asking a “silly” question. I also had the pleasure of hearing Kim speak at a recent conference in Edmonton. She was engaging and very comfortable in front of a crowd, but the content was also invaluable and current. I feel lucky to have met Kim and will continue to look to her for any assistance I may require in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs guidance to grow and market their business!” Deneen Tedeschini, Graphic Designer