Academy Registration

RedChair_ComputerYou are ready to be a marketing pro. Why?

Because, you have lived the pain of growth already my friend! You have rocked that little biz a little bit and know a thing or two. You also have floundered, flubbed and f-ed up but still kept rolling. Which means you have meaty experiences to draw on to refine, reflect and rejuvenate your business… a bit back to the basics but only so you can PROPEL forward.

Because you have LIVED in your business long enough to know what you know… and what you now need to grow. You have experience and are ready to reframe a better foundation with excellent, practical, pro-level knowledge, strategy and action!

You are ready to be the marketing pro your business deserves.
And NOW is the time. 

No really. Now is the time!

  1. You are offered this entire Academy at HALF PRICE for the LAST time before it officially launches in 2016.
  2. The entire course material is ready for you the second you hit that register button!  
  3. This is self-paced! You learn and grow as you can at your own rate, not the rate of others… and you have 9 months to access all the materials so pay now at this CRAZY AWESOME rate but start when it’s right for you (I pick now, but real life… I get it).

This is a winning scenario for you!

BONUS – February fab bonuses are being prepared right now!

Reminder, by the end of the course, you are receiving all 8 modules including video inspirations, the lessons, 80+ pages of workbook materials, bonuses and regular goodies … and live interactive Facebook support during the week, as needed. The lessons include:
  • 8 modules
    • 8 inspirational video lessons from Kim
    • 8 guidebooks with 90+ pages of worksheets, lessons, tips, guides, templates, checklists and much more
    • The modules are:
      1. Branding & Rebranding: Set the Business Bar High(er) to Hone in On Your Competitive Advantages
      2. Community Building: Build a Business Core on Human Connection
      3. Decision-Making: Uncover Your Hidden Resources to Get Your Grit to Grow
      4. Selling: Discover Your Sweet Spot Without Feeling Salesy
      5. Marketing Mapping: Master Planning Your Marketing Mix
      6. Content Marketing: Lucrative Likeability & Longevity
      7. Systems & Tools: Styling the Systems that Simplify Your Business
      8. Evaluation: Review, Reject, Repeat & Refresh for Rapid Growth
  • private Facebook group support with no limits or deadlines (this is a treasured, highly valued bonus by past participants)
  • Academy Graduate Support Group invitation

Plus the BIG BONUSES: revealed soon!

The Academy doors are closed right now! But join the list and get ready to fill in your marketing gaps so you can grow better, faster and more profitably.
Academy Re-Opens in February! Click to Get the News First ... & a groovy Social Media Guide while you wait.

Don’t wait!

Even if you think you HATE marketing and sales, you will learn to love designing your new… better… steps to success (and you can call marketing whatever you like along the way).

Nail your niche. Never question your value in your industry or your ability to make the best decisions for your business again.

And get to great marketing faster than you ever thought possible. Avoid having the same internal dialogue this time next year.

Send me a message if you have any questions about the program at:

Important Understanding & Agreement Note: There is no refund for this program. As this is a prelaunch program, we are working out some systems kinks to get ready for the launch (which is why we are inviting you at halfprice – kind of a thank you for any hiccups as we transition. Your content is 100% readily available right now, as is the support group on Facebook. I can guarantee if you do the work, you will be satisfied with what has been promised. We highly encourage your participation in each module at a weekly pace to get the full benefit, and use of the Facebook group to get the most out of your investment. By joining this program you understand you are participating in a pre-launch at a discounted rate and promises regarding the kind of material will fluctuate as we refine. You are guaranteed 8 module videos plus 8 workbooks with dozens of lessons and hands-on support plus bonuses. If this format is not for you, I welcome you to stay tuned for the official program launch, at full price, very soon in 2016. Thank you!