Rip the bandaid! You are ready to start marketing like a pro.

Friend, there are no “secrets” to success. 
Success simply comes from a very practical, persistent pursuit of your passion.
And much of that practical pursuit HAS to be in the form of marketing. So, if you are finally ready to dig in & find your grit to grow… it’s time to become a marketing pro.
Truth & Tonic Small Biz Academy is designed for the experienced business owner. You already have a ton of practical experience running your business, learning as you go. It is time to leverage your years of labour and finally fill in the gaps with expert knowledge, the body of knowledge from a 20+ year marketing professional, that you still need.
Finally! Connect your passion to your profits.
The Truth & Tonic Small Biz Academy has been carefully crafted to help you customize a marketing strategy while you learn. The evidence is in! This course work is delivering solutions based on the consistent personal and professional hiccups of hundreds of Truth & Tonic clients and workshop guests in the past decade. 
Even if you think you HATE marketing and sales, you will learn to love designing your new… better… steps to success (and you can call marketing whatever you like along the way).
Nail your niche. Never question your value in your industry or your ability to charge your worth again.
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Nail your niche. Know Your Actions. Charge Your Worth. Repeat.
Your Academy includes:

  • 8 modules
  • 11 video lessons
  • 2 workbooks
  • 6 worksheets
  • 5 resource guides
  • 7 checklists
  • 2 templates
  • 1 code of conduct
  • private group support with no limits or deadlines
  • Academy Graduate Support Group invitation
  • Bonuses exclusively for Academy Graduates!

And… exclusive bonus for those who join early!

Truth & Tonic Small Biz Academy Modules:

If you have a hard time marketing or selling your business, odds are you didn’t nail your brand yet. Discover the mindset and mechanics of brand building. Set the bar high on this one, nail it and the rest of your marketing becomes easy peasy!

Whether your business lives online, in person or both, you need a community to grow. It could be old fashioned flavour like Little House on the Prairie or modern mastery of social media platforms. Discover why this matters SO much and ideas to build your own. Truly, communities make modern businesses thrive.

When you have grit in business you are able to put effective actions in place… in spite of yourself or your realities of life. To have grit, you have to be able to make excellent decisions and fast. Learn how in this module!

“Selling” is a dirty word to many. Finding the sweet spot in what you do and how you do it helps create the language so that you stop selling and start conversing in a way that feels so good. And drives success too!

To succeed you need people. To find people you need exposure. To get exposure you need time, money and know-how. In this module receive an epic master checklist of online and traditional marketing options and what they are best used for. Don’t waste another minute or dollar without this list.

Truth & Tonic’s most popular course is included as part of the Academy! Learn what hundreds already know… content matters most in a modern business. Discover why and then build a content strategy that works for you.

Systems. Love ’em or leave ’em? The fact is, even the most system resistant person has a few processes in place. This is because human nature craves simplicity which creates freedom! Learn a bunch of new processes and pick one or two to amplify your freedom right away!

The biggest mistake business owners make is quitting too soon. Not quitting their business (although that happens) but quitting ideas. Usually our ideas are great… they just need some tweaking and repeating to nail it! Learn how to evaluate your efforts and how to leverage them into your success.

I’ve come to really appreciate business training that gives space to practically implement what I’m learning. It’s fine to learn new ways of doing things but without exercises that get you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your company, you run the risk of getting overwhelmed and never implementing your new skills. This doesn’t happen with Kim. She makes sure we can apply our learning. It is just what I needed to get my business growing.
Dana D
I walked away inspired and with take away actions. It was well worth my time!
Laurie M
In Kim’s events, even if content is something I knew or forgotten, learning how to apply it in a better way was brand new and eye opening. Always it was important stuff I needed to be doing and thinking about. In business there is so much to do it is hard to think of everything. Kim’s programs help me to focus on important areas of my business and marketing it.
Brenda A
Kim is brilliant. I found her to be so incredibly insightful. She can see the big picture and has the experience and knowledge to help anyone create a solid marketing program that will bring results. I especially enjoy her marketing training programs. They are informative, interesting and validating and give me a renewed sense of energy. Thanks Kim!
Nichole M
I am thoroughly impressed, on a number of levels, with the value I receive from Kim’s training programs. The marketing lessons themselves give not only a backdrop of information on topics such as branding, social media and goal setting but ideas on how to apply them to our own businesses. Whether experience is non-existent or quite extensive, information and tools always vastly improve many areas of business. Highly recommended!
Janet P