Shout it out! You are freakishly fabulous!

There is only one truth in entrepreneurship…

You are freakishly fabulous and you must show it in order to succeed.

Let your fab flag fly…

Even if it invites judgement. Even if it invites ridicule. Even if it invites no when you expect yes. Even if it feels silly to say so. Even if it feels as natural as wearing a snowsuit on the beach.

Even if, even if, even if what? What’s going to happen even if?

You are fabulous. This is the root source of your talents and your uniqueness and your brand.

Stop making excuses and stop keeping your fabulousness to yourself.

Hiding your success, your awesomeness, your super cool individuality is the number one mistake my clients and VIPs and workshop guests make in business when they are feeling “stuck” or lacking confidence.

In other words… they aren’t owning “it”. They aren’t claiming that va va voom that makes their superfans’ hearts go boom.

Freakishly fabulous things to toot your own horn about right now:

  • your biggest client’s/customer’s success or happy story (their success is your success – it’s proof)
  • that major heartfelt thank you that was mentioned over coffee, tagged on Facebook or dropped in your inbox
  • your unique idea you’ve been too chicken to leap on because… erhm, nobody is doing it (that’s why it’s great)
  • an itty bitty change you made that you know is going to unlock a brave new world
  • a simple idea or project or system you’ve been doing for-ev-er because it works – congrats, you’ve nailed it!
  • milestones – all of them – make a timeline of your business and all the things you’ve accomplished and then try to high five yourself! WOOT!

Own it. Own ALL of it. Often. These freakishly fabulous things are so amazing. Everything else is a product of your freakishly fabulous self.

I want to see your fab flag fly this week! Post some of your fabulousness below – I insist on hearing how super awesome you are! (And tag me in social media so I can give you a virtual cheers when you do it in public this week!)

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