Revitalizer – Existing Client Exclusive

Home Revitalizer – Existing Client Exclusive

Everyone needs a confidence boost, a marketing refresher or a tweak to an existing plan every once in awhile. Especially if you have found your grit to grow – because you are applying action strategies with enthusiasm! Enthusiastic effort just means the little quirks of undiscovered problems pop up, new bright shiny ideas come onto the horizons and opportunity starts knocking on your door.

This 1-2 hour session is for existing clients, those who have typically shared an Invigorator session with Kim already, who wants a little extra insight every once in awhile to help stay true to goals on the course of success.

Because Kim already has intense knowledge of your hopes, dreams, goals, strengths, challenges, roadblocks and successes, you will use this session to seek out a variety of boosters to an original plan, including:

  • how to navigate new opportunities that crop up
  • a method to evaluate successes and challenges, and new or altered action strategies as a result
  • practical “how to” advice in order to continue checking off goals driving success
  • coaching, inspiration, encouragement or accountability to keep moving through actions on the rough days

Exclusive TRUTH&Tonic fee: $250

all clients glow when they find their grit

Kim was instrumental during the rebrand of Niche, and continues to provide valuable marketing advice going forward. Every session is customized to fit my needs and includes an amazing follow up document I can use to execute each strategy. I can trust Kim to give it to me “straight up”, and support my growing business!
Sylvia, Niche Small Space Redesign