Rebranding: Leave It For the Professionals

I’ve been involved in rebranding multimillion dollar companies and low marketing budgeted solopreneurs like yourself. It’s tricky and it’s fun.

I know watching a rebrand is like seeing a BNSO (bright new shiny object). You will want one too! But wait.

Rebranding is risky.

For all the big budget companies I’ve rebranded, I’ve encouraged an equal amount to not dare taking a shift like this. Because changing your story, who you are believed to be, has risk associated. Significant risk. A subtle change can rock your clients’ world.

Confusion is a business killer.

It’s a risk you need to be willing to take, because the downfalls of a rebrand are significant. You may (will) lose customers – the ones who no longer align with you and you have to be okay with that. You have to be prepared to accept what has to be let go to make room for the new.

Bored of Yourself? Not a Reason for Rebranding.

Being bored is the biggest reason most small businesses want to rebrand.

But your clients aren’t bored of you. They’ve likely just started to get to know you.

Living in your brand for a long time is the biggest strategy for success… if you built your brand based on what “they” (your fans, customers) see you to be, in your truth.

If not, we have some work to do. And that’s okay! Great brands take years to grow. Be patient with yourself as you grow yours. Find a checklist of what encompasses a brand here in Why Does Your Brand Matter So Much.

And if you think you are ready to take on a rebranding effort for yourself, remember it is a marketing activity that needs strategy. Ask for help so you keep the customers you want along the way.

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