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If you want a mastermind group that gives you clear navigation through the marketing and business mud, and accountability to reach your business goals, week by week, in a small group of likeminded small business women, this 12-week program is perfect for you!
Whether you are just getting started, making a change or making a leap in your business, this small group program will help you if:
  • you want to launch a new piece of your business and want to know how to make it fit with your current plans
  • you often struggle with the honing in on the hundreds of pieces of marketing advice and ideas so you can launch or grow efficiently and quickly
  • you sense everyone is doing better or growing faster than you (they aren’t, we’ll create a plan that fits your pace and your goals)
  • you can’t do it alone, you want a business and accountability partner who cares about your business as much as you do
  • you feed off the ideas and insights of others and know a second, third, fourth and fifth opinion will be hugely beneficial.

This session is best for:

  • Those who are fairly clear on what they want to happen in their business and have a few ideas of how to get there, but desire regular support to keep growing and going forward.
  • Those who desire regular access to a business & marketing expert to answer & navigate the multitude of marketing decisions required to create a successful business or program. of what success looks like, and some projects and programs on your mind to get there.
  • Those who know that a focused plan and kind accountability from someone else is all it will take to get where you want to go.
  • Someone who has taken the Activator Mastermind Group program and wants to continue the work in a one to one format.

How it works:

  • Through five 2-week group meetings, one 1 hour personal meeting and countless hours of help via a private Facebook group and email support we work through your business challenges and get a clear result!
  • At our first meeting (about 2.5 hours) we outline your goals, understand roadblocks and opportunities and have an honest heart to heart about what success looks like to you and at what pace you can commit to turning your vision into reality. We determine what can be achieved in 12-weeks & we map out a plan!
  • We meet bi-weekly (about 2-2.5 hours) and each meeting acts as an accountability checkpoint for you to keep focused on simple homework projects that keep you moving forward towards your 12-week goal. We address any problems and concerns. We celebrate successes. We navigate and modify as we go to suit your situation.
  • In between meetings you work on assigned homework projects. These are always in complement to your real life and current workload, not to detract from your current revenue stream, but to grow your business prospects in alignment with your reality.

What they say:

When I joined the Activator Mastermind group I had a clear idea of what I wanted to do – make more money so I could continue doing what I love to do!  Kim helped me to create a plan and carry it out.  The group meetings and private Facebook group kept me accountable as well as motivated. Kim is great at what she does – my business has flourished since I joined the program.  I can’t wait to join another group!

Lorraine Tomaz, Imagine Laserworks | It’s Your Advantage