From beginner blogger to brand building pro – in just one day!

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Bring Kim’s Blog for
Business Revolution to You!

It’s Time. I Know You Can Do This!

Join this revolution and activate your business breakthrough!

The self-study program video program is for you if:

  • Everyone else gets the readers.
  • You built your blog and nobody comes.
  • You heard blogging is a dead marketing strategy, and you believed it.
  • Talk of tech lingo and search engine mysteries keep you up at night.
  • You feel clueless of how to create that visual appeal everyone insists you need.
  • You think you have nothing left to write.
  • You do not even know where to start with your blog.
  • Nobody is interested in what you have to say. You are not that interesting or inspiring.
  • It feels like a chore. It is a waste of time.

By the way, all those fears are HOGWASH! You can do this! And you must.

Your blog IS essential to your brand success if you are a small business owner!

  • You must work on your blog marketing strategies, so people will come read you.
  • You must keep practicing your blog writing and blog technology so that you get the edge on your competition.
  • You must keep honing your writing style and discovering your clear, consistent voice – because from there you build brand, business and revenue with ease.

When you have a brand voice … when you hone your blog to be that brand voice … you build your community of fans and your business grows.

But Let’s Get One Thing Straight… your blog IS NOT your business.

  • It is your voice.
  • It is one of your marketing mediums.
  • It is your channel to connect and create community.
  • It is your catharsis.
  • It is your tool to find your brand clarity and exercise your unique passion.

It is your business hub, your online storefront and it is the only place in the world you don’t compete with anyone else.

Your blog is your all-access pass to building relationships with an audience who will love you, buy from you, and recommend you.

Kim’s Blogging for Business retreat was exactly the push I needed to get my blog rolling along. Not only did she provide the tools to plan what I would write about, she made it fun to get there. Blogging no longer seems like a chore, it now has purpose, meaning and a definite positive effect on my business. This retreat is money well spent. Thank you Kim!
Dana Goldstein, Digital Shoebox Media (
I used to hate blogging because, even though I knew it was important, coming up with content felt like a chore. Kim’s Blog for Business video course was a godsend. I signed up hoping for just a tip or two to help me get over the pain of blogging once every few months (because that’s as frequently as I could stand it). Imagine my jaw-dropping surprise when I completed the program actually PUMPED to blog… and armed with 52 weeks of juicy topics, all scheduled and ready to write about! Kim makes it easy to understand and then sweetens the pot with quick challenges that show you immediate results. I can’t stop telling people to sign up and see the light!
Nikki Jackson, Brand Steward, Fetching Finn Inc. (
Kim delivers her invaluable training on blogging with an honest, frank and sincere tone. She wants you to succeed – period. She knows firsthand that blogging is a fundamental and foundational business tool and makes it easy – dare I say even fun and inspiring – to blog for yourself. After watching her videos and doing her exercises, I immediately wrote four blog articles that I’m proud of and excited to share with the world (in fact, I haven’t stopped writing weekly since). Kim’s blogging course is an absolute must have for savvy small business owners wanting to start blogging or take blogging for business to another entire level.
Nadine Nicholson, CEO, Nadine Nicholson & Co. (
If you are on the fence – DON’T BE! Sign up and you won’t be disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat and I am a super newbie blogger. But I am now a believer! 2 of my blog posts in particular have yielded new clients and they have also moved Devour Catering Calgary to page one of our keyword search. I was a cynic. Just do it! Seriously.
J’Val Shuster, Owner, Devour Catering (
The Blog for Business retreat blended together the right amount of expert information with personal application. Thank you Kim for the individual help with blog content and editorial calendars! The retreat was invaluable for helping me blog for my business!
Kirsten Wreggitt, Let’s Start Organizing (
I walked away from this workshop inspired and with take away actions. It was well worth my time!
Laurie McGowan, Owner, Adventures of Little (
I learned lots & while I know I have work ahead, it is also manageable work. I loved having a year-long plan that related to several magazines’ editorial content. Having a hands on event was great so that I could meet other bloggers (and potential guest bloggers). Thank you Kim!
Josephene Juell, Inside the Polished Apple (
I was on the fence about starting a blog and I am so glad that I participated in this event. Not only did Kim convince me of the importance of a blog for my brand, she also gave me a path to get started. I am thankful that I took this course before creating a blog – otherwise I would have been starting over after this class!
Jennifer Bray (future blogger)
I’ve always wanted to try blogging as a way to promote my business but I could never figure out how to get started. After attending Kim’s workshop I knew exactly what to do and I left with the plan for a year’s worth of blogs. What a timesaver! I’ve come to really appreciate business training that gives space to practically implement what I’m learning. It’s fine to learn new ways of doing things but without exercises that get you to take what you’ve learned and apply it to your company, you run the risk of getting overwhelmed and never implementing your new skills. This didn’t happen with Kim. She made sure we all applied what we learned before we left. It was just what I needed to get my blog going.
Dana da Ponte, (