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A good brand is part of what separates the companies that disappear overnight from the ones that stand the test of time… even if the face of real life challenges and business growing pains.

Brand recognition takes years to develop…. for big companies with millions of dollars in resources and the ability to buy mass media.

Brand recognition takes even MORE years to develop for small businesses in reaching their broadest potential. But small businesses also have a greater opportunity to solidify brand awareness faster to niche markets… pockets of target customers that are easier to engage and connect with like social media.

Brand longevity comes from consistency, clarity and commitment to the brand. If you start with your brand a little off kilter, but not entirely, you can leverage what works and use them as stepping stones to improving and strengthening your brand.

You must have clarity on what your brand is, and your customers must perceive your brand the way you intend it, before brand longevity can even be considered.

This Master Coaching Series Is For You If:

  • You understand the basic concepts of what a brand is and have taken some steps to incorporate some brand basics into your business (even if you know it isn’t quite there yet).
  • You believe you have a solid brand concept that is growing… you know that your brand intention seems to match the perception your customers have of you and your business. 
  • You have seen some success in your business and you are looking to repeat what has worked, leveraging your growing brand.
  • You have identified a need to create a co-brand or undergo a rebrand, and need to know how to add or evolve without losing customers.
  • You are a marketing professional or business coach that can benefit from some brand marketing insight from a marketing professional who is a brand expert.
  • You want action steps, not theory, to move your business from where you are to where you need to go, in a practical, specific way.
  • You would benefit from extra eyes and ears on your logo, language, social media and traditional marketing ideas to strengthen your brand.

This Master Coaching Series Is Not For You If:

  • You are not yet clear on the concepts of brand, brand awareness, brand perception, brand reputation and the relevance they hold on your business.
  • You are a solopreneur struggling with brand clarity, then I refer you to my colleagues Stephanie Pollock  (personal brand expert) or Gina Bell (creating clarity whiz).


These one on one coaching calls are available for only 5 clients, and include:

  • 3 sessions (all scheduled within 90 days). Each session is a one to two hour call or in-person if you are in the Calgary S.E. area and can meet at a designated time (Friday afternoon 1:30-3:00).
  • 1 brand longevity master plan that we create together designed to help you put action into your brand growth for at least the next 6 months.
  • 1 email coaching session per week for 6 weeks to support you in acting out strategies discussed in our brand leverage discussions.
  • 25% discount on the next 3 sessions if required within 18 months of completing the first 3 sessions.

The discussion is driven by what you outline as your brand challenge or business goals. An individual coaching plan will be created for you, including specific outcomes and expectations, so you have a clear guide to what you will receive in our program. This is created and outlined during our first session.

Regular Fee: $599

IAMPTE Member Fee: $399 (phone coaching only)

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