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NEW! A Done in a Day Intensive Just For You.

My most popular session is the 2 hour intensive Invigorator meeting…. that session is the foundation for this full-day business adventure. What’s different? In the 2 hour Invigorator, we get deep into your business fast, then we part ways and I send you an action plan. In this Invigorator Intensive, we spend 4 more hours building the action plan together. You will leave with a complete and clear understanding of what to do in your business for the next period (as you define it).

This is fantastic for action-takers ready to rock the same day. We’ll eat, chat, work, breathe your business in person or virtually.

For those who feel overwhelmed with the sheer magnitude of planning for a period of longer than a week or two, or those who dream of someone to just tell you what to do (with a bit of “why” conversation) this is the ideal option. 

Then the process rolls out like this:

  1. We Quickly & Deeply Jive Talk: we’ll meet live or by Skype/Zoom. We’ll spend 2 hours in an intense conversation about your business where we look at your prep notes, analyze the good and not-so-fab in your life and business, and create a realistic overview action plan to meet your goals.
  2. You Prepare Like You Mean It: You’ll receive a list of questions to prepare for the meeting that helps you audit “what you know for sure” about your business – things like what you love about your work, what you hate, what is working and what’s not and more. You do not need to be paralyzed by what you don’t know. That’s my job to help figure out!
  3. We Get Detailed. We’ll brainstorm, we’ll commit, we’ll let go of what isn’t going to work, we’ll create checklists and even get some of them done. Most importantly, we’ll figure out exactly what you need to do to fulfill your purpose over the next period. It may look like this:
    • a solid snapshot assessment of your brand equity (the part where we have a heart to heart about if your brand is actually a brand or if your paid hobby has some actual legs to it)
    • big fuzzy hugs and a list of what you are doing well and not to change
    • a reminder of your ideal customer
    • gap filling of your missing knowledge
    • “must do” action steps, cutting what’s not working (sometimes this is hard) and marketing insights around your core business strategies that directly will impact your ROI.
    • a detailed review of our meeting, including photos of my notes on a private forum board for you
    • a master checklist of what every entrepreneur must do, and you in particular as your very next steps
    • who you need to hire and why (if you do)
    • what you need to learn
    • any other relevant marketing related advice
  4. We Get Clear on What Comes Next. While we can do a LOT in a 6 hour day, you will be stranded if you don’t know what to do next. This may include writing, rebranding, recreating some parts of your business, adopting new technology, hiring additional help… or just getting to work. You need to know what all these things are specifically for you. We’ll map it out.

My process is tried and true for those who can say a big booyah to any of these statements:

  • I am ready to take action and just want someone to actually tell me what to do that will get me the success I want.
  • I feel stagnant and confused, but I want to get unstuck in a meaningful way, fast, and shift into growing my bigger dreams without wasting another week, month or, ugh, year. I want to fast track to self-hero status!
  • I am disappointed with how my business is today, but I’m willing to sing it like Maria about my awesomeness if someone can just remind me what all my good stuff actually is (because I know it’s there even if I can’t see it)
  • I am overwhelmed and my thoughts are too scattered to focus or function. Squirrel!
  • I want to hear the truth about why I am stuck and I want to trust someone pragmatic. Agreeing just to be nice is difficult for Kim, and I like that.
  • I get that to be successful, I need to find the fun in marketing and selling myself (ugh). I love that Kim finds it fun (weird chick) and can teach me how.
  • Digital marketing is here to stay and I need to jump on the train, I just don’t know the systems, the tools or the support I need to grasp it.

Not sure if this is a fit? Have questions? Just email and we can email chat or set a time talk.

*Payment plans available.