Baby Gotta Get ‘Er Groove (Back) On


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

9:30am to 3:30pm

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This is a small business soul & strategy rebuild.

Hosts: Kim Page Gluckie (moi) and Dana Da Ponte
Price: $137
Location: Dana’s sanctuary in Redwood Meadows
Time: 9:30 – 3:30
Snacks provided.

Potluck Lunch – bring something you LOVE to share for about 8-10 people!
(BYOLunch keeps your costs down and sharing food you love IS love).

9:30 – Welcome. Introductions. 2016 Year In Review.
10:00 – Cobweb Clearing Art Activity with Dana
11:30 – Lunch
12:15 – Bbye 2016 & Hello Fresh Strategy Workshop with Kim

Hello lovelies!
Get ready to audit your 2016 small business soul and strategy. Dana will spend an hour+ with the group helping gently clear the cobwebs of this year past. This will free your mind for Kim to spend several hours with you creating fresh marketing mojo and actions for 2017.

It is a rare person I speak to who isn’t ready to toss 2016 into the compost and start fresh. Including me. BUT… life is still life and there are no guarantees things out of our control can be better. BUT, we can guarantee WE can feel better with some carefully crafted soul and strategy steps.

Everybody take a deeeeeep breath with me. Now exhale. 
Feel better? A little bit? Well, I am ready for more of that. But if you know me, I need to schedule those breathing exercises around my Type A tenacity. And I know some of you do too. That, or your floating through life and praying for it to all fix itself. Either way, both of our types need grounding, focus and friendship.

‘Tis the season. You may recall I despise New Years Resolutions. But what I LOVE is fresh starts and a desire to learn from what we’ve done… every time of year. And this year, just this one time, I’m breaking my rule about the ‘new year thang’… because it’s been a particularly odd year.

Now, this invite isn’t just for those who’ve felt the world of hurt this year in business, life or whatever. It’s for everyone. If you’ve had a GREAT year, it’s for you too.

Fun fact: we’re ditching goal setting. Goals are great. I love goals. But the fact is, I’ve worked with women in business long enough now to know women have goals… but they are motivated by financial needs and dreams. BOOM! That’s it. So no goal setting.

You will come prepared to know what you have to or want to earn.
You will come prepared anticipating to get clear on how you want 2017 to feel different and the dream that supports that.

Kim will come prepared to help you Sharpie marker your dreams into actions, with an audit of what worked and didn’t in 2016 (because at Truth and Tonic we don’t make change for the sake of it).

Who’s in for some soul and strategy? Who’s in for a deep breath and deep exhale to let 2016 go with grace and let 2017 in with ease and clarity?

Space is limited to 15 lovelies.