Dig Into Decision-Making Workflow Webinar




Welcome! You are likely here because you are curious about the Truth & Tonic Small Business Academy.

bonus-coaching-programjust-for-academy-studentsI invite you to try this Academy Workflow class at an exclusive price. This gives you the opportunity to get a flavour for the Academy while you dig into a topic that you will find purposeful!



Live, Interaction Class: Dig Into Decision-Making

On this live, interactive class we will discuss limitations and opportunities currently restricting your growth and methods to overcome them! You will be provided a sample section of the Truth & Tonic Small Business Academy Module 3: Decision-Making materials to support your participation in this class. The Decision-Making Module showcases several philosophies for decision-making as well as a practical foundation based around 7 pillars of strengths that must be honestly assessed to grasp how to grow.

Learn your strengths and how they can propel your growth by joining this exclusively priced group class.

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