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Get More of What you Need in 2010 by Understanding What You Don’t Have

I am sharing really exciting news about what 2010 looks like for me and any woman entrepreneur who wishes to come along for the ride! And if you bear with me for a moment, that news will be revealed in a minute.

But first, I must confess, I am exhausted. The mompreneuring/wifepreneuring “thing” has been tested, tested and retested over the past two weeks while pulling together a HUGE program. And I’m pleased to say, that I believe the only casualty of my distracted state from my family and clients is my sleep. So, I’m hopeful for one good night’s sleep after this launch, before skipping out of planning mode right into promotion mode! Watch mama go kids! So glad, as always, I somehow managed to still clothe, feed, cuddle, listen to my family… even if the clothes were a little dirty, the food was a little bland, the cuddles shorter than usual, and the listening not so attentive. But mom will be back tomorrow! And so will wife, friend, consultant, daughter, etc.

In the meantime, thrilled to launch Mindset, Marketing & Money… a behemoth effort with Stephanie Pollock and Tina Pratt. This is just one evolution of MPowered events platform. There will be others, but this is the really the culmination of everything you have told me and I’ve observed about what you (yes you… a woman entrepreneur) NEEDS to succeed in 2010.

This is what you and I both know to be true (it’s true for me too):

· you are simply aching for truly meaningful support and you know you cannot build your business on your own

· you know you need expert help, but have been burned or confused or misdirected and have lost confidence, clarity and money in the process

· you want to be an entrepreneur but don’t know doing what

· or you know what you want to do but need the entrepreneurial skills and knowledge to succeed with your idea

· you are passionate, you are scared, you are excited, you are confused

· you have tried and tried again but still aren’t getting to where you want to be

· or you have exceeded your expectations and are overwhelmed and not sure where to go from here

· you are brilliant, experienced, inspirational in all that you do… you just need to believe it and channel it appropriately

· you have no extra time for meetings, events, networking… but you will make it if it’s important enough

· you have no extra money for getting help… but are willing to trust me and those I recommend

· you have made meaningful connections at MPowered/ Business of Life events that have truly shifted your business in ways you never imagined, and you want more of that!

· You have found value in MPowered/ Business of Life events that you haven’t found elsewhere, and you want more of that!

· You haven’t attended events yet, but you are starting to see the value and know that we just might be the very best thing that happens to you and your business in 2010.

If you really, truly feel like you want to be happier and more successful in your business this year, then take the time and make the investment in yourself. Discover what other women have said… we have proven our passion, commitment and ability to truly help women in business and the only thing missing is you! Even if you have attended past events, this is still for you. We’re growing together.

Read the list above again. What of that is true for you? If any or all are… please join us. We can help with our new Mindset, Money & Marketing 7 series basic program and other opportunities!

And, we would love to have you come to one of our FREE social media classes next week in Calgary and Okotoks if you haven’t met us yet! No risk, no commitment except for one to yourself to get online!

Read my recent article about why Social Media Matters for Small Business. Register for our free class teaching you about twitter, facebook and blogging. Runs next week in 3 locations! Don’t miss out.

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