On Anxiety & Aspirations

Dear business owner. Dear parent business owner. Dear business owner who has ever had life throw lemons.

The shine wears off that business at times and it feels more ‘job’ than rejuvenating. The time marches on and you feel stuck in status quo rather than chasing unicorn dreams.

I have 3 words for you… keep creating content.

In days past, that content really only had a blog as a home base. While that is still the best for search engine optimization, I really must go back to the Seth Godin basics of creating a blog as my inspiration… that just the act of writing is transformative.

Just keep creating. You will find your rejuvenation by the act of ‘doing’. Here are places you can create and post content:

For an audience:

  • your blog
  • your Facebook group
  • your personal Facebook page
  • a note on your Facebook group/ page
  • an article on your LinkedIn page
  • a post on your LinkedIn profile

For yourself:

  • an Evernote note
  • a One Note note
  • note function on your smart phone
  • an audio file on your smart phone
  • a diary or journal

You get the idea. I’m sure there are many more places for yourself you can come up with keeping notes. I prefer the ‘for an audience’ list because, you know, marketing is good. But, Seth Godin says that even if nobody reads you… except your cat… the process of creating words matters and changes you.

Trust me. And if you don’t trust me, trust Seth.


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