Oh dear, Nutella. Marketing fail! But you saved it, kinda.

I cannot believe what I read this morning about Nutella’s major marketing fail.

Like, pick me up off the floor can’t believe it.

They shut down World Nutella Day started by a super fan. With super followers. Who all love Nutella.

Now, I know you’ve heard me talk about the critical importance of knowing who your brand champions are and how important it is to recognize them, honour them… THANK them.

Beyond that, I am pretty sure you don’t need a marketing 101 lesson to know GOOD publicity, free publicity, started by a super fan is something to embrace, endorse and milk for all it’s worth.

Dear Nutella… you have screwed up big time! Or you had… until you saved yourself. Kind of. Likely due to a very smart cracker-jack crisis management whiz in your publicity department, you figured out fast that you were failing. You recognized your fans AND staff were pissed so you adapted your move fast. Still not a winning move, but perhaps a save. Whew. (Read the whole shmozzle here: http://www.nutelladay.com)

Have a Brand Champion Plan

I encourage you to sit down right now and create a list of your brand champions. They are the people who talk about your brand favourably without you paying them, prompting them or asking them… just because they like what you stand for and what you do.

EVERYBODY has a brand champion or two kicking around. Not likely do you have one rallying a World You Day… but you never know, you might. Go find out. Go thank them for their work.

What your champion does for you is priceless. It is the EPITOME of what every business dreams of happening.

Nutella. Fail.

You. Win. (If you learn from this lesson).

What have you done to honour your champions? Have you failed to recognize them and how has it impacted your business? Have you forgot to take time to know who they are? Share your thoughts below.

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