My New Year’s Reflection

As I come up on my first anniversary of the launch of MPowered Marketing, this Monday Morning Marketer is all about “me” I admit. But in reading this, I hope you find in me somewhat of a “kindred spirit” (yes, I did just watch Anne!) if you are an entrepreneur who does NOT have it all together… not yet… because you have other priorities, challenges or distractions beyond your business. And we all know this is okay! Success comes in many packages, and we are empowered to create our own definition of success as we launch into 2010.

Did you notice the title of this blog? I must say, I’m not a fan of resolutions. It’s not that I don’t “have work to do” and certainly have a similar degree of self-improvement needs as the next person. But I’m somewhat of a contrarian and I distinctly dislike being pressured by outside sources to “change”. Change comes from within, and therefore, I stubbornly avoid “resolving” anything within the first passing days of January each year.

This is not a conscious thought. In fact, I sit here on January 3 with a very fast holiday season behind me, another year older, starting to feel the self-imposed pressure knowing a marketing event series has come to an end, yet with make-up classes (thank you H1N1 and snow storms) to be made, and wonderful clients waiting on me to get with the New Year program!

The thing is, I act well under pressure. And while I needed desperately to get off my self-created family and work hamster wheel (aka: filling every spare minute of my day with “something”), I’m out of rhythm because I’m so relaxed. So focused on household management deeply neglected this past Fall. And so unsure how to do “better” managing my family life and work life that I’m just not at the “resolve” place yet. But this is okay, for as much as I wish to avoid resolutions, I very much value reflection at this time of year. And reflection is what goes on in the subconscious while mellowing out to movie-watching, book reading, and latte sipping (in between basement renovations, mounds of laundry, and family calendar scheduling).

So, My New Years Reflection is a simple assessment of life management. I realize my 2009 business model was a great plan, and I let myself get caught up in fabulous momentum that pulled me away from the original plan. It will be tough to get back to the original model, as it means likely taking on fewer clients (bittersweet). But I have never lost sight of my true motivation which is motherhood. My original business plan allows for me to grow my business at a steady and slow pace, while still being mom to my young girls before they are all of school age. I have attempted to manage life with very limited childcare, oodles of wireless technology, knowledge of Starbucks hotspot locations for parking lot work as chauffeuring is my number 1 time sucker. This “work style” (can it be called that) is only short-term plan.

If New Year’s Reflections tell us anything it’s that the rapid passing of time proves our children are only “ours” to enjoy selfishly before sharing them with the world for a short span of our lives. My middle daughter starts kindergarten in September, and my youngest starts a few days of preschool. Only 8 months from now you will find me with a few extra hours a week and a pre-end of year reflection on how to best make use of an extra four hours a week!

In the meantime, as I continue to attempt to grow my business at a slow but meaningful rate, you will find me hanging onto the fleeting moments of childhood. And, great new MPowered news WILL come soon! One more day of reflection for me before this mom has to hit the routine.

I wish you all a January of healthy reflection.

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