Onomatopoeia. Muddle is a perfect candidate for the word that sounds like what it is! You can take out the vowels and the word would still feel and sound the way I’ve been managing my week!

Ever have one of those weeks where you are flying by the seat of your pants to such a degree that while driving down the Deerfoot it dawns on you that the milk may have ended up in the pantry and that you left the house with one of your kids shoeless (again)? You may have noticed I’ve been marketing my butt off promoting the upcoming Calgary marketing training events for women entrepreneurs. I’ve been working with some fantastic ladies at Entrepreneurial Moms of Calgary (EMC), Inspired Coaching  to support my promotional efforts.

In that mix I’ve also reciprocated some support to EMC as I’ve joined the leadership team for this fantastic group. And I’ve worked on a really fun web development RFP project for a client. I’ve set up shop at Twitter (@kimpagegluckie) and experimentally tweeted and was easily discovered (and promoted) on SE Calgary News. So what? Big deal you say! It’s only Wednesday I say!

For me it’s taken a huge level of concentration and commitment to manage all that work… lest we forget that this mama has just sent her oldest off to grade 1 and signed up the two littlest angels for very part-time childcare for the first time in years. And said childcare is not panning out (back to the drawing board). So, in this first week of school, pre-long weekend, pre-event hype, I’ve mddld my way through the week and survived! I know I’m not alone. Please share your mddld story. You don’t have to be mddld alone.

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