MRU Shift Conference: Where Traditional & Social Marketing Meet

Huge thumbs up today for the organizers of Social Media Shift: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional and Social Media Marketing, an extremely relevant, trend focused (NOT fad focused) conference that is completely in line with the trends I’ve told you about this year. And, the Mount Royal University team is bringing CHRIS BROGAN to Calgary to kick things off.

Yep, Chris Brogan is coming to Calgary. Colour me excited.

I have closely watched the online conversations that some of the experts have been having, most notably the ones who were “first to the party” on Twitter and Facebook, and Chris is one of them. He’s a savvy marketing guy that has racked up an impressive 206,530 followers on Twitter to date.

But I’m not a “numbers” girl when it comes to social media. It’s more about the conversation than the “how many”. But truth is, I admire Chris because he has a small country worth of fans AND he is still incredibly approachable and LIKABLE. (And he’s actually responded to me a time or two – imagine my posts being seen in his sea of cyber conversation?!)

My admiration for him stems from my first baby steps into Twitter about three years ago… an intimidating place until you leap right in… but Chris was there. Talking smart marketing, saying things that made sense, easing my fears of social marketing as a something that would make my traditional marketing core redundant, by “humanizing” the entire marketing conversation… no matter where that conversation was held. Chris made sense.

And he still does. He alone is worth the registration to attend Social Media Shift: Bridging the Gap Between Traditional & Social Media Marketing (aka #MRUShift). He’s talking about eCultivating Visibility: How to Amplify the Human Digital Channel. What a juicy topic title! That alone has me hooked – I have no idea what he’s going to dig into but I know when he talks technology and humanizing at the same time, I’m on board!

But wait! There’s WAY more!

I admit, I had to do some research for you to share about the other guests. And I was thrilled to do so. I am sad that I didn’t know as much about them before now because they are AWESOME! I was this excited to hear Mitch Joel and Gary Vaynerchuk last year at The Art of Marketing. The Social Media Shift cast is just as stellar.

I’ve been chatting a whole lot about the importance of So.Lo.Mo. (being social, local and mobile in your marketing) for 2012. So I’m thrilled to hear some expert conversation around this concept and you can’t afford to miss out. This IS the conversation marketers are having this year, and you need to hear it too. Alexandra Samuel will be talking IRL: In Real Life (I LOVE her bohemian casual style) and Peter Shankman (changing the art of networking? I’m in!) will be talking about how the next revolution is in your pocket (sassy topic – but we all know he’s talking MOBILE marketing right?! Right!)

Julien Smith is a man after my “authentic” heart – excuse this cliche I actually hate, because he isn’t cliche either. Shunning the norm he encourages you to “stand out, change yourself and do what’s necessary”. I’m a bit nervous to hear him speak… because I’m on the cusp of change but I just haven’t pushed myself yet! Julien is exactly who I need to hear.

Check out the biographies of these stellar speakers, authors and experts. You will be moved – trust me!

This Conference is Walking the Talk

I can’t think of a conference more suited to my philosophy, and the work I do for myself and my clients. Social media is not a fad, it is part of our communication culture. But it has not replaced “traditional” marketing. It has changed the formula, format and fabulous possibilities for using traditional marketing though. The conference is called “Bridging the Gap”. The sooner you do this bridging, in fact the sooner you WEAVE traditional and social together, the sooner your marketing will find it’s mojo. And, it will make it WAY more fun. Trust me. Of this I know!

Shout Out to Mount Royal University

I must admit, I’m becoming a major fan of Mount Royal University. Instructor and Word of Mouth Marketing expert at MRU, Karen Richards, spoke to my IAMPTE community last month (article: Making Word of Mouth Marketing Thrive Online) and I learned how intent the school is on being a leading entrepreneurial educator. What they are doing is very exciting. This event gets a huge endorsement from me and I’m thrilled to be attending myself!

Early bird deadline for registration is April 23rd

Will I see you there?

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