We last drifted off into the lazy days of summer, with a first series of events behind me and days of waterpark shenanigans ahead! Ah, that seemed like just moments ago. As has been said before – where did summer go? This one has been particularly enjoyable for me. The recession depression that hit our home back in the early part of the year lifted, and while we had to opt solidly for the staycation concept this year, we had loads of family fun and time to just ‘be’. This also permitted me some time to mellow and allow my subconscious do the mental prep work for post-summer worklife!

Early last week I started to get that niggly internal alarm feeling that connects me to marketing timelines so vividly that it’s as much a part of me as the blood pulsing through my veins. So from mellow mojito mojo to full-speed marketing momentum I went. Of course it is still the lazy days of summer, so I negligently did not line up childcare and jumped straight into my night owl ways. So began the invention of 12 marketing events and the redesign of the MPowered Marketing website in the post-10 p.m. hours. The negligence, you can imagine, was not on my husband, home or kids, but on my sleep requirements. But somehow, when I am excited and on a deadline, momentum takes over and I barely notice 20 lost hours of shut-eye over five days!

Then the wall hits. The adrenaline is over and the sleep loss sets in. But the beauty of momentum is that while you are self-absorbed, you are breathing excitement. And when others sense this excitement theirs bubbles to the surface too. Some other ‘thing’ always pops up to keep momentum going if you pay attention and allow it to happen. Just prior to this event planning push I met a new group of great ladies related to Entrepreneurial Moms of Calgary. From this session a symbiotic collaboration quickly formed and only two weeks after that initial meeting, four new coaching events have been added to the calendar and with enthusiasm I welcome Stephanie Pollock of Inspired Coaching with her contributions as a trainer and guest speaker with my company!

Going back just two weeks to when my kids and I were jumping in puddles at the zoo, visiting Heritage Park a multitude of times, enjoying iced drinks and neighbourhood bike rides, my blog, business and website were at a standstill.

Look at what a tiny spark of momentum can roll into when you love what you do and surround yourself with enthusiastic people! Tell me, what role does momentum play in your business and have you got it working for you to transition from summer to school season? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

If you are a woman entrpreneur, or want to be one, please do join us starting in September at one of four fantastic event series designed to help you make great, affordable choices that respect your dreams and your time as you start or grow your business! I love to share entrepreneur businesses on my Facebook page and plan to do so here from now on too. If you like what I’m doing, please remember to share my business with your network too!

With Momentum! Have a great Thursday.

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