Me! (… before the We!)

Quick! Grab your cell phone or camera and look at the last self-portrait you took (c’mon… you know we all do that!).

Look yourself in the eye and ask ‘who is the most important person I have to take care of?’

Your answer better be ‘Me.’

It is quite likely we do not practice taking care of the ‘Me’ before the ‘We’, but that does not excuse us from admitting we know how important it is to practice self-care first. In taking care of the ‘Me’ we are better prepared to take care of our families, our homes, and our businesses. Try to ask yourself every day “What did I do for ME today?” I hope you might be able to say that you worked out, slept in, ate well, read a book, took a walk, called a friend, booked a weekend away, hired a babysitter for a night out, scheduled yourself and your business into the family calendar, sang out loud to the radio, or meditated. Maybe you have other ideas.

I started today with me in mind by negotiating some much needed sleep in time. I ended the day by staring myself in the face and liking what I saw (thank you to Janet Pliszka for the new corporate photo!).

So look at that photo again and ask yourself “What did I do for me today?” What did you do?  Share your thoughts.

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