Luck Has Nothing To Do With It!

It’s going to be a big week. And I can’t really explain it. But I know I won’t call it luck. “Lucky” is a word, as they say, “best saved for playing horseshoes”. So, today, let’s celebrate our business and personal successes big or small by avoiding luck and claiming our role in all that is good that comes our way!

So, if not luck, what can it be that brings good things our way? Karma? Law of attraction?

I guess. In part. Not everything can be explained.

But what if it really has much more to do with YOU and less to do with the universe?

What if I said.. when you are your REAL self… just out in the world using the gifts you were given and sharing them with the world in a simple, clear way that makes it EASY to ‘get you’, that is half the equation?

And what if I said the other half of the equation is… walking around in the world with your eyes wide-open, using your instincts to connect with what is good and meaningful for YOU, and flexible to change your plans to a great opportunity?

What if I said… putting the BEST you out there and then living a life AWARE of what you want is the only combination you need to put the “happy go lucky, secrets to success, law of attraction gurus” on the hotseat?! 

Here is what one of my life gurus says:

You aren’t lucky Kim. You work hard. You are smart. You see opportunity and you go for the right ones. You haven’t made any mistakes. You are not lucky. You know what you want and you’ve earned your place in this world.

Thanks Dad! This is something he said to me in my mid-20s when I “couldn’t believe how lucky I was to have had the opportunities given to me in my career”. Reread what he said above. Memorize it. Own it. There are no secrets to success. Just what you know today. And the opportunity to learn, discover, create, observe, understand, react to what you don’t yet know.

What’s inspiring this post? Every once in awhile, when I start telling myself how LUCKY I am to have great opportunities come my way, I need a reminder of what my Dad said. And this week I’m celebrating my lifelong ability to always be ME, keep focused, only hang out with those who I connect with, connect with those I like, know what I want, and jump on opportunities by instinct (not analysis).

This week, I’m launching two FREE social media classes with celebrity interior designer Kimberley Seldon for her Business of Design seminar attendees (and you are also invited!). And, ironically, I have met Kimberley through Twitter… through introduction of former client and MPowered Event Attendee, now friend, Nyla Free of Nyla Free Designs.

I will be also be making my first guest author appearance later this week. And I’m completely honoured to be part of this FREE e-book by Kimberly Englot, founder of the Center for Authentic Self Development. Kimberly E’s new e-book is called Dump the Junk (and be happy) – which launches this week but is available to pre-order now. Remember… it’s FREE. Kimberly has invited myself and 8 other experts to share their stories in this fabulously inspirational book. And what an honour… by reading the profiles of the other authors I am humbled to be in such amazing company. Thank you to Gina Bell, multipassionate entrepreneur who is dedicated to helping women be equity-rich online. I met Kimberly through a fantastic program with Gina.

And yes, if you were counting… I’m hanging out with 3 Kim’s launching lots of free stuff this week! 3 Kim’s? I might call that lucky.

(pssst…. did you click on the FREE classes & goodies tab above to see what else is free? More great freebies are coming later this week.)

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