It’s All Relative, My Dear – How to Honour Commitments

When I commit to something for MY business, I am in it 100%. But the timeline to completion is stre-e-e-e-e-tched beyond what even I could estimate at times. And I am constantly having to accept that’s the way it’s going to stay until my third baby is in school full-time.

The 30 day Healthy You, Healthy Business challenge I launched for International Alliance of Motivated Part-Time Entrepreneurs is a perfect example of this.

I’ve recently proclaimed “I didn’t ever say the 30 day challenge would happen IN 30 days.”

However, it was my full intention to do it in 30-days. It really was. But at day 10, I paused. At day 18, I really paused. As the pre-Christmas season wound up, the flu season arrived and the gymnastics season landed one of my daughters in physio for a week (during my Starbucks office hours), my priorities shifted.

And such is the TRUE life of part-time entrepreneurship.

In the HYHB Challenge Day 19 I outline how to prioritize and honour commitments as a part-time entrepreneur. I claim family comes first, you come second, business in various forms comes 3 through 6. And that’s what happened.

Best laid plans are ALWAYS interrupted by real life that needs you more.

But the point of IAMPTE is the M. The M means motivated. And for me, motivated is back to being in it 100%! I’ll get to day 30 of this 30 day challenge, because I am committed to seeing my projects through.

No matter how long it takes. I don’t quit. I just get interrupted and have to find my mojo again.

How about you?

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