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Answers and actions in 2 hours flat!

Whether you are just starting out with your small business, growing but wondering what to do next, or even thinking of packing your business in and want a fair assessment of this decision, the TRUTH&Tonic Invigorator will help you immediately. This session is ideal if… you want to be told exactly what to do, why you need to and how. Bazinga!

All solopreneur clients start with this Invigorator session – it’s how we get to know each other, like going on a really good date! Many clients find this session is the only time with Kim they need to get focused. Some want more help after. Both options are cool. No upselling – it is what it is! You decide how you want to roll with the action plan customized for you, based on your comfort level to rock your marketing.

Shake Out & Shift Up your Strategy, Buff Up Your Brand

Like all work from TRUTH&Tonic, we work with what’s real and what’s fun. The Invigorator is designed to:

  • shake out what isn’t working so you stop wasting time, energy and money;
  • shift what is working to get you bigger and better results;
  • showcase how you can shine as your best self in this loud, busy world.

The Invigorator is designed to get in touch with your core motivation for being in business fast, and drive decisions to support that with rapid fire attention to what matters most, within the resources you have. This makes being your awesome self so much easier.

Kim’s process is tried and true for those who can say a big booyah to any of these statements:

  • I am ready to take action and just want someone to actually tell me what to do that will get me the success I want.
  • I feel stagnant and confused, but I want to get unstuck in a meaningful way, fast, and shift into growing my bigger dreams without wasting another week, month or, ugh, year. I want to fast track to self-hero status!
  • I am disappointed with how my business is today, but I’m willing to sing it like Maria about my awesomeness if someone can just remind me what all my good stuff actually is (because I know it’s there even if I can’t see it)
  • I am overwhelmed and my thoughts are too scattered to focus or function. Squirrel!
  • I want to hear the truth about why I am stuck and I want to trust someone pragmatic. Agreeing just to be nice is difficult for Kim, and I like that.
  • I get that to be successful, I need to find the fun in marketing and selling myself (ugh). I love that Kim finds it fun (weird chick) and can teach me how.
How it works:

You get to pick from two options.

Just a Really Focused Meeting Please: 2 hour intensive meeting with my hand-written notes, doodles and marketing mapping you can rock and roll with right away (plus a detailed email for those who get their mojo in checklists and words). This is fantastic for action-takers ready to rock the same day, if within your rocking you can stay consistent, on task and focused on the actions discussed. Fee: $350

A Focused Meeting Plus a Written In-Depth Action Strategy: Our 2 hour meetings plus an unplan (it’s like a plan but better – no fluff or background stuff, you already know that part). This all-action includes checklists and short, to the point but intensive insights on your business today and future suggested actions. For those who feel overwhelmed, or those who dream of a checklist with some supporting “why” conversation, this is the ideal option. Fee: $795

Then the process rolls out like this:

  1. You Prepare Like You Mean It: You’ll receive a list of questions to prepare for the meeting that helps you audit “what you know for sure” about your business – things like what you love about your work, what you hate, what is working and what’s not and more. You do not need to be paralyzed by what you don’t know. That’s my job to help figure out!
  2. We Quickly & Deeply Jive Talk: we’ll meet live or by Skype. We’ll spend 2 hours in an intense conversation about your business where we look at your prep notes, analyze the good and not-so-fab in your life and business, and create a realistic action plan to meet your goals. You’ll be able to start acting same day in new ways to rock your reality.
  3. If choosing option 2, I deliver your written Shake & Shift action strategy within 1 week, including:
    • a solid snapshot assessment of your brand equity (the part where we have a heart to heart about if your brand is actually a brand or if your paid hobby has some actual legs to it)
    • big fuzzy hugs and a list of what you are doing well and not to change
    • a reminder of your ideal customer
    • gap filling of your missing knowledge
    • “must do” action steps, cutting what’s not working (sometimes this is hard) and marketing insights around your core business strategies that directly will impact your ROI.
    • a detailed review of our meeting, including photos of my notes on a private forum board for you
    • a master checklist of what every entrepreneur must do, and you in particular as your very next steps
    • who you need to hire and why (if you do)
    • what you need to learn
    • any other relevant marketing related advice.

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If you are ready to shake it up, get unstuck and shift forward fast, contact Kim to book your appointment Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday mornings (some exceptions are available).

All clients glow when they find their grit:
I’m a hard sell, especially when someone is trying to sell me on a better way to build my business. Meeting with Kim was one of the smartest things I have done. We walked through my new business, openly discussed my goals, my strengths and my weaknesses. Kim was able to give me clarity and directed purpose. The information I now possess is truly valuable and it’s in a printable report I can continually reference. If I don’t follow Kim’s advice, then shame on me.
Dana G., ChicFlicks


I was feeling very stuck in my business, and desperately needed to “refresh” my brand. This session allowed me to see the good stuff I currently have going in my biz, while sparking ideas for new opportunities going forward. The best part? I have a comprehensive printed document that I can refer back to again and again. Invaluable!
Sylvia D., Niche Inc.


As a solopreneur when you run out of your own ideas you can save a lot of time by opening up to someone else’s perspective. I didn’t want a coach, I wanted a plan. I loved how quickly I went from inaction to action with Kim’s help. The short and sweetness of time and money well spent for great impact and direction!
Kirsten Wreggitt, BloomScript


It is not often I am left speechless. However, Kim was able to facilitate the opening and closing of my mouth like a fish. I had a vision, but had mental roadblocks. I always knew she was a gem in a mountain of regular rocks and the Accelerator Program defines that. On a professional level, Kim’s extensive self-branding, marketing knowledge and professionalism shines through. However, her mad scientist kind of excitement, and sheer point blank honesty, is what all entrepreneurs need on a human level. These attributes coupled with the crystal clear understanding of her clients’ needs has clarified what I needed emotionally, and on paper, to move forward. I now have a clear map to pursue my vision for my next exciting challenge – and I am proud that she is a part of its creation. The Accelerator Program exists for a reason! If you want something done, Kim delivers. Not just a few words of advice on a few sheets of paper, but a comprehensive, clear and concisely mapped out direction to make your vision a reality. She really and truly wants you to succeed, and her passion for her work shines through.
Deb D., The Excellence Mentor