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Fabulous! You just found the PERFECT training framework of classes, materials, community and expert training/support designed to literally shift “what you know” into “knowing what to do” and then “DOING IT” so you can grow.

This IAWBO Mega Bonus exclusive complements, expands and builds on the amazing free webinar and materials you’ve already received in the IAWBO treasure chest I’ve created for you! This pack takes that knowledge and keeps you on a 6-month journey of growth, with the help of me – your expert marketing trainer Kim Page Gluckie – the whole way!

Sign in below and you’ll receive (within moments) Session 1 of Decision-Makers Momentum Mapping program PLUS the exclusive MPowered Click & Type Marketing Map Template!

7-hours of training are included in the IAWBO Mega Bonus exclusive MPowered Marketing Training Pack.

  1. Decision-Makers 6-month Momentum Mapping program– 3 webinars that start today (first is recorded and ready for you now!), then LIVE in 2-month intervals (plus video playback so no worries if you miss a live event). Structured to keep your business moving forward by teaching you to be accountable to a realistic marketing action plan that is a FIT for you! Materials and chat sessions in between will be provided to keep you on track!
  2. Decision-Makers Click & Type Marketing Map- this is the the mapping tool that you NEED. Make goal setting, decision-making and your entire business activity focused and easy with this simple circle map that you can type right into making it all yours! (This is the deluxe PDF version of the print & write template you’ve already been bonused)
  3. Marketing Mix training sessions – 5-weekly classes (plus playback of recordings so no worries if you miss a lesson) starting in October that teach you the real deal on what marketing solutions you could spend your money on (what they are, their benefits/disadvantages, how much they really cost, how to make the most of them). You’ll also learn which ones complement each other, how to choose, and where to add to them to your marketing map!

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