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This page is still in development. But for now, I’ll tell you 5 things I’m expecting in content:

  1. It is EASY for you – whether you are repurposing old content or creating new, make it easy on yourself by not making it complicated. Simple is better for you and the audience… neither of you have time for complex theories. Think about lists, how tos, action steps, theories in groups of 3s. Think of your best ideas shared in the simplest form possible. If you have great content on your site, and can create a short blog that supports a bigger project or program, don’t rewrite the program – rewrite your intro for the PTE audience and link to the rest of your work on your site.
  2. It supports your business DIRECTLY – no “stretching” to fit a topic allowed – that doesn’t grow your business, support your brand or make it easy for you!
  3. It is short, punchy and meaningful for clients – infuse “your” story where you can and where it’s comfortable – make people laugh, cry, say a-ha, stand up and listen, make a change in their life or business, take action steps they haven’t take before.
  4. Understand the audience. I’ll expand on the PTE profile for this page shortly, but for now read below.
  5. Do NOT reference “mompreneur” – while some may be “mompreneurs”, many are PTEs because of full time or part time jobs, volunteer commitments or because they are satisfied with fewer than full time hours – this site’s success depends on expanding beyond ‘what’ they are other than busy part-timers. And the truly motivated “mompreneurs” I know don’t even like this label. So please don’t use it. The mission is bigger than that word. The motivation to succeed is by not putting ourselves in boxes.

The Motivated Part-Time Entrepreneur Profile

  • they are NOT one type of person – they are not just moms, dads, direct sellers, volunteers, artisans, health care workers, business professionals – they are just busy people that have chosen to not be full time in their business yet – we shall NOT reference mompreneur with this group
  • they are either considering starting or are still acting like they are starting in business, even if they have been in business for a few years – they will have some basics, but don’t assume they’ve done everything “right” at the ground level
  • they are not as technically and social media savvy as you
  • they are super smart about ‘their’ industry but NOT yours, they need to be walked through what they need to do, why it matters and how it fits with the big picture
  • they don’t have time for fluff or b.s. – they need information they can trust and act on right now
  • they either act without enough information or collect too much information – they need succinct action steps with the right motivational message  behind it to take the action (usually related around not wasting time, money, energy or motivation)
  • they sometimes want to quit – because they see that others are growing faste or because they make mistakes or because they get stuck or because they don’t have enough (or the right) support or because some days it’s just too hard – but they don’t. They are a passionate motivated and perhaps stubborn PTE
  • they want to be like YOU – show them how
  • while we will endeavour to cheerlead and boost them up through humour and happiness and easy strategy, we are not here to create fluffy ra-ra shishboomba inspiration – this group needs inspiration that connects them to action, they need to see success in order to move forward
  • most in this group will grow MUCH slower than their full-time counterparts – therefore they must know they are growing at all times, pause to celebrate milestones and successes, and have focus to keep moving forward (this is the CORE of my marketing practice, but is important for all to embrace and understand about this group for your own content)
  • and most important – they need to know the most PRACTICAL method, not the most ideal method, of growing, being happy and finding success – “ideal” world solutions won’t be fulfilled by this group and fast-tracking solutions that don’t sustain success won’t work either – they need practical solutions that relate to short-term wins and long-term growth
  • their biggest needs are finding the best experts, growing the “who they know” lists, and creating the right systems and processes for success (they don’t know this last one but we’ll tell them!). They also need to know they are not crazy, alone or unable to succeed. They need us.

I Am (a poem by Kim PG)

I am complex. I am whole.

I am mother, daughter, wife.

I am theirs. And I am mine.

I am driven. I am entrepreneur.

I am brave. I fear nothing but feeling nothing.

I despair, rejoice, breath in life. Repeat.

I inspire and seek inspiration.

I am perfect imperfection.

I am a part-time everything.

And I am the sum of all my parts.

I am complex. I am whole.

I am me.