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Content is King (And Queen) – Good Information Runs the World

The hundreds of part-time entrepreneurs (PTEs) I’ve met, consulted for, surveyed, cried with, laughed with, championed and problem-solved with have one thing in common:

Part-time entrepreneurs don’t have “enough” – enough time, money or knowledge.

They also have this in common:

Part-time entrepreneurs have passion.

And those of us who are motivated, heart-centred and collaborative by nature – whether we are in the midst of our own growth or see the other side of the success coin by now – know this:

Collectively, we experts have enough knowledge to help those struggling to succeed to use the time and money they do have to create a happy, successful business life. We also know that success runs much deeper than time and money concerns. It rests in keeping the passion, patience and persistence. It is fueled by feeling fulfilled in spite of the challenges of business and life.

The “not enough” mentality manifests in hundreds of different ways for a motivated PTE. “Nasty manifestation” is in many forms including cost and time-wasting decisions, fear & worry, overcommittment & underdelivery, lack of sleep and other self-care, comparison traps, desire to grow & stop simultaneously, paralysis (stopping business) by lack of decision-making, unsustainable growth (boom & bust), relationship impacts, guilt, misguided perceptions of success, burnout, continual learning mode/lack of action mode and more.

Surely you know what I’m talking about!

You’ve been there right? How did you manage to get past it? You got help of some kind, some where.

The antedote is easy, simple, efficient, supported help that makes sense.

You are reading this because YOU are part of the antedote. You, and the other hand-picked experts reading this, are the combined solution to elevate the success of motivated PTEs who NEED us.

Want to get on board? Here’s what a Featured Expert is all about:

Option 1: Bi-Weekly Expert

You will be front and centre of this mission, building visibility and credibility for your core business, to the members of this new PTE organization by sharing one piece of advice, how to, information product, set of tips or guided instructions every other week for 6 months (with renewal or cancellation options always open). Read below for ALL the benefits. The benefit of option1 over option 2 is simply… more exposure and faster visibility growth for you. If you have a mix of old content and new ideas to bring to the table, option 1 could be amazing to help you leap forward to your next level of success. If you need a slower growth pace, but still have much to offer, you might consider option 2.

Option 2: Monthly Expert

You will be a “destination” contributor. Your expertise will be sought each month. Your content is special and necessary to keep the PTE wheels churning at a steady pace forward! You will share advice, how tos, information products, sets of tips or guided instructions every month for 6 months (with renewal and cancellation options always open). Read below for ALL the benefits. If you are time-strapped yourself, like the average PTE, and don’t have oodles of content oozing from your pores (or in your history files) you might consider this option to ramp up your business in a meaningful but manageable way. You can always grow into a bi-weekly position.

Here’s the easy part for both experts- leverage baby: You only have to create new content for the site four times in a 6 month period for bi-weekly contributors and two times in a 6 month period for a monthly expert. These ‘new content’ weeks are for YOU – they will be special weeks designed to have extra promotion for YOU… scheduled to allow you to leverage anything exciting or revenue-generating for your business. First come, first served on which weeks you want the extra promotional boost… so think about how to map it around your 6 month plans (or ask me for help to sort that out for you).

The rest of the time, you can create new content suited for the PTE membership if you wish, or you can tweak or repurpose already created content as long as it is more than a year old and not currently promoted elsewhere! It can be a blog, article, e-book, audio, recorded teleclass… anything as long as it suits the audience. What a great way to repurpose old, but good information!

Or, if you want to be a blogger, but have not yet taken the plunge or set your own up, here is an exceptionally easy way to get started, with a great audience to read and respond to you! WOOT!

I’m even building the site so that you, as a weekly expert, can upload your own information (if you know WordPress or are willing to learn) and I’ll provide support – so if you want to add content at midnight, you can! Or you can send it to me to do for you. Up to you! Click here for content ideas and guidelines.

What’s the Catch? There is NO catch! But there are two formal requests:

  • The content you provide is EXCLUSIVELY shared on the PTE site for up to 6 months. You completely own the content, but to ensure the value exists for the membership, any content can only be placed on the PTE site for the 6 month duration. (Exceptions may exist such as for customized programs
  • You be committed to helping grow the PTE membership, visibility and local chapter growth as appropriate. The membership, for the PTE, is going to be a crucial part of their success… in a recent survey I discovered 90% do not yet use Twitter and 80% say a “bigger network” is a need for their success. This commitment can come in a variety of ways. The most basic requirement I’ll ask is that you share your own content at least 3 times to your followers, database or friends via social media and email. We will create  a specific agreement that works for your business. My intention is to boost your business while helping grow the PTE organization, not dilute your own marketing efforts. So let’s customize this a bit. But again, 3 is the key for basic commitment. The more you can do, the more we grow together.

Here’s what is in it for you:

  • Opportunity to get in early – like NOW by sharing a free e-book, recorded seminar, program, product or featured service that can be accessed internationally to join in what will be a FABULOUS buzz-building launch.
  • You can link to your site and self-promote as much as you like within your content, as long as your content is rich with good information for the PTEs.
  • You can use special graphics, features, opt-ins, promotional elements to inform PTE members of your ‘for-fee’ special programs as long as you can offer a PTE promotion (bonus, discount, special pricing, etc). This is a MAJOR revenue and list-building opportunity for you, particularly as the membership grows.
  • As a weekly content provider, you get the bees knees of opportunities! In fact, I’m open to hearing exactly what YOUR business needs and discovering how to cater the PTE organization to support your programs (as long as they are PTE relevant programs). 
  • You appear on a Featured Experts web page (side by side with some other amazing women)… appearing to members AND non-members, with your biography and any relevant information you wish to share, including any existing programs or promotions available exclusively to PTE members right within your bio for some double value promotion.
  • You will be added to my new FAVOURITE Twitter promotional tool – the IAMPTE Daily when things get rolling! If you follow me on Twitter, you likely are on my MPowered Friends list or have seen the MPowered Friends Daily. This tool ALONE has increased my Klout influence (for what it’s worth to 60 points… this is getting close to as good as it gets without being an actual celebrity). This matters to you because there is some incredibly significant “new lead” generation and piggy-back list building occurring with this news. It is a leverage tool that shares exceptional content once a day ONLY from those included on the list. If you are on the LIST, you are in the IAMPTE daily news baby! (Click here to see the latest MPowered Friends Daily as an example)
  • I will officially retweet everything you share for IAMPTE, and as much as I catch for your business, through IAMPTE and MPowered Marketing to help you grow your credibility, visibility and network through my networks.
  • You will be added to the IAMPTE Facebook page and have all your content promoted in rotation through IAMPTE and MPowered Marketing.
  • You will be part of a sharing, like-minded community of other motivated entrepreneurs who wish to see your business grow with theirs, who will also participate in sharing…. our private Facebook group page is a source of EXCEPTIONAL information, your very own mastermind group, plus laughs and giggles.
  • You will become known as an advocate and altruistic mentor that can be trusted for a group that is skittish but has so much potential. Remember, PTEs are millions worldwide! Let’s inspire all of those that want to succeed!
  • Exclusivity. I have every intention of hand-picking all the experts for this program – my criteria is very tight and is based on deep trust that you care very much about the information you put forward and why. And I also intend on only having compatible experts involved. For example, I will invite other marketers to share content, realizing there will be overlap in some services, but not so much that it would impact our business potential. And, the timing of special promotions for each expert will be exclusive from others in the same field as well. If you are on board, it is about YOU and what you can do for the audience (and how they can benefit your business).
  • Training – if you know you want to be a part of all this, but don’t yet know how to Tweet or blog or take advantage of what I’m offering, as long as you have great content to share, you can come on board.
  • At least once in the 6 month period you will be invited to be a featured guest expert at an online, teleclass or live event which will be open to members for free and non-members at a for-fee rate… building exposure to new audiences as we grow. (I am considering BlogTalk radio or other avenues for public promotion too).
  • I’m sure there is more… and I’m open! For example, the first 10 who jump on board will be invited to be part of the advisory panel. What a great way to craft this organization so YOU can use it to leverage your business in the way you’d like it to.

Fun, right?!

Here are some forms to complete to get your seat at the expert table started!