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Community Leader – Bringing an International Movement to Life

The community leader opportunity is for any part-time entrepreneur that is inspired by these descriptions: 

  1. Motivated “part-time” entrepreneur who fully understand the unique challenges of growth in business (mostly because of real life) but are determined to not let that get in the way of feeling successful and making money
  2. Business-savvy motivator who would like to add something simple and meaningful to their business model & revenue stream
  3. Self-starter who values unique, high profile ways to grow as a leader or build a leadership portfolio in your local community
  4. Online savvy (or wannabe) connector who values, and is good at, community building and already has a healthy and growing network of local and/or international followers in social media (small lists are fine if they are good relationship based lists)
  5. Passionately inspired solopreneur who would find it deeply rewarding to improve the lives of other small business owners.
  6. Enthusiastic champion who is able to generate and/or maintain a minimum of 10 motivated part-time entrepreneursto join an international membership based network (affordable membership fee applies)
  7. Marketing or business-savvy pro (by profession or proven success & experience) who has the capability and interest to create a minimum of 4 business training/networking events per year, or recruit someone to join your team who is able to. You (or your recruited c0-leader)  would be fully trained and provided all materials for your first four events as part of your start-up package.

Exciting right?

Become the EXCLUSIVE Leader for Your Community 

  1. Earn revenue from local events and grow your core business with this opportunity. There is a values-based brand development framework for organization – maintaining a good international brand – but also a platform for unlimited growth should you desire to use this to springboard the mission further. Never alone, you also have a fully supported and mentoring framework.
  2. The fee to join is based on my cost-recovery marketing module – that is – you never spend a penny unless you know exactly how you’ll make it back (and then some). And besides – check out the offers for the first 3 pilot towns/cities that join this mission.
  3. Supplementary income that complements the rest of your business life, without detracting too much time. Here are just 2 ways to get you started:
    1. You gain 75% profit on the first 4 events  you run for your organization – we provide the event modules & train-the-trainer programs – you just book facilities & deliver the training.
    2. You gain 100% profit on any additional programs you run each year, still promoted and supported under the umbrella of the organization, as long as you run the first 4 core modules we provide.
  4. Opportunity to craft networking/training modules by inviting local experts
  5. Access to networking/training modules provided by international organization
  6. Marketing training to generate attendance at events and grow your local community of part-time entrepreneurs
  7. Mentorship to help grow your own business for you or your team, from me and other experts
  8. Unlimited access to support to grow your community
  9. Community webpage and blog page that you manage yourself to help manage your local community events (linked to international community site)
  10. Email address and social media ids specifically created with your name so you can promote your local organization through your business identifiers and the organization identifiers
  11. Extensive opportunity to promote your part-time business through the local community group you will grow
  12. Advisory opportunity to influence the international online membership organization that backs your local chapter.
  13. Access to a fun, inspirational, exciting group of international leaders to help grow something big from grassroots and ground up!

Start-Up Community Fee – $999 HURRY! Exclusive $299 Offer For First 3 Community Leaders:

  1. The membership site is in development. To sign up now, and secure your spot as the ONLY leader for your community, a deposit of $299 must be made. (Deposits will be accepted early December)
  2. If, within 30 days of the official membership site launch, your community gains 30-50 members – no other fee is required for your start-up! You will run your first event within 90 days, at your discretion, and following the business model recoup your deposit from your first event.
  3. If, within 30 days of the official membership site launch, your community gains 10-30 members – you will gain the start-up program for $599 ($299 deposit + $300 fee charged 30 days after membership launch).
  4. If your community does not have a minimum of 10 members within 30 days I will reimburse your deposit and we can discuss another launch strategy to support momentum in your community for this program.
  5. Don’t have enough information? Full details will be made availabe by December 15th to those who make a deposit and sign an agreement of intent. I am open to any questions in the meantime! A deposit is your act of interest. Should you, after reviewing all materials, change your mind, you may have a full refund if you communicate your wishes within 4 days of receiving the agreement of intent on or before December 15th.

What else do you need to know?

As I said, the international organization is a for-fee membership-based organization. Remember… I’m a specialist in growing networks… so if yours seems too small to reach 10-50 people let me know! I have a few amazing tricks up my sleeve – okay I have a really special launch campaign in mind – that will make it really easy for you!

There are a few other things you will need to understand before I let you sign on the dotted line (like a few strict rules around brand consistency). There will be nominal annual fees to cover administrative expenses related to websites in ongoing years (your local event model I provide you will be structured to cover these fees).

And of course… there is the big secret of what this ACTUALLY is… but I think I’ve given you enough information to jump in and get started right?

Your exclusive opportunity is only yours while I’m working on backend web development for a week or so… so let me know if you’d like to raise your hand to join the mission and I can keep you top of the list!

Email Kim: kim@mpoweredmarketing.com