How To Stay On The Business Rollercoaster

Sometimes… it feels like you’ve been on a rollercoaster one too many loop the loops, right?Sometimes… you feel like you are just “done” and you have to get off.

Sometimes… when you feel a little green, a little uncomfortable, a little doubtful that it is actually going to be worth it…

You Have to Realize You Are Already Committed & Just Keep Going!

So all you can do is hang on and pray that it gets better. Right?

Actually, you can do better than just praying it gets better…

While you are taking the painstakingly slow climb to the peak of that ride, you can open your eyes wide and look around.

You can take the view in from dizzying heights.

You can recognize while THIS MOMENT right now is hard and scary and full of uncertain terror… that you have come through far worse fear already…

…just getting on the ride in the first place was the hardest decision you made!

You will realize you CAN do this. And you will realize that view… that perspective of what is on the horizon below you and above… is AMAZING.

Open Your Eyes Wide & Take In The View!

Have you ever noticed that right before business gets awesome again, you are spending all your time being worried your business isn’t awesome enough?

This is the EXACT time to open your eyes. This is the calm before the thrill. This is the one time you actually HAVE time to be present to your business.

If your business really is LIKE a rollercoaster, with those moments in the climb like a waiting zone for the next thrill, then shift from worry back into work … while you can (because you know when you reach the peak that the speed starts to build and you’ll be barely able to catch your breath again for awhile… right?)

In my previous blog “Honey, Wanting It Just Isn’t Good Enough” I give advice on how to create ACTIONS not “to do” lists when stuck and I use “write a blog post” as my specific example of how I shift from doing nothing into business-focused action.

Because when I’m in “the climb” waiting for the next thrill of success in my business… I write about it for my audience. I engage with the people in my life. I smile and wave and celebrate as if it’s the last chance I’ll get to champion myself and them.

Before You Know It, The Leisurely Climb Is Over & The Thrill Is Back!

In this video I share my “unsecret” to my business success and how blogging is a critical component to the underpinnings of my business networks and growth. Seriously. Blogging is beautiful for business.

Are you blogging yet? Do you have a plan or are you winging it?
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